Scot Sustad Net Worth

Scot Sustad is a Canadian entrepreneur and businessman. He has founded a number of organizations and businesses, including Digital Hot Sauce Inc. Moreover, he is the founder of Adventure Teaching, which aims to teach children how to read. In addition, he is also the CEO of the Arrival Store Inc.

Scot Sustad has an estimated net worth of over $1 million. He has a daughter, Vienna Wild Jolena Sustad. Currently, he is a resident of the United States. Previously, he was a resident of Arvada, Colorado, where he was born and raised.

Scot Sustad is a graduate of Trinity Western University and D’Evelyn High School. After his graduation, he studied at Covenant Bible College in Ecuador. As a student, he received a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and International Studies.

Scot Sustad has a wife, Kimberly Sustad, whom he married in August 2004. The couple has two daughters. Since their marriage, they have managed to maintain a happy and loving marriage. Despite the fact that they have been together for over a decade, they are still in love with one another.

Besides being an entrepreneur, Scot Sustad is also a community builder. His main goal is to encourage people to be more open-minded and socialize with others. To accomplish this, he organizes Adventure Teaching. With the help of his wife, he has built a network of close friends and trusted family.

When he was young, Scot Sustad spent his childhood in a loving environment. During his initial years, he participated in several theatre productions. However, it was not until 2008 that he became involved in the website development industry. It was this career that earned him the title of Co-Founder of Adventure Teaching.

Scot Sustad and his wife, Kimberly Sustad, have been in a relationship for more than 16 years. Although they have not faced any serious marital problems, they are not able to spend a lot of time together on the social media. They rarely show their affection for one another. At the same time, they have been spotted attending red carpet events together. Despite their long distance relationship, they remain close.

During their dating days, Scot and Kimberly Sustad share a romantic connection. Unlike other famous couples, they have not faced any difficulties in their marriage. Rather, they are happy and healthy. Several of their friends and close colleagues have commended them for their love.

Scot Sustad has earned a hefty sum of money from his professional life. His earnings are primarily from his own business ventures. Furthermore, he is an investor in various beneficial projects. By the year 2020, his net worth is expected to reach $5 million.

Scot Sustad is presently living a luxurious lifestyle with his wife. Together with her, he owns a home in The Angels. Their daughter, Vienna Wild Jolena Sustad, was born in June 2015.

Scot Sustad is a member of the management team of several companies. While his primary income is from his own business, he also earns a good amount from social media.