Scotty Cranmer Net Worth

Scotty Cranmer is an American professional BMX rider who has gained a lot of fame as a YouTube sensation. He has a popular vlogging channel, which boasts over one million subscribers. This famous BMX rider has been earning a lot of money from his videos, endorsements, and other sources of income. Despite having a very successful career, he is currently recovering from an accident that left him with serious injuries.

Scotty has undergone many surgeries. Some of his major surgeries include removing a part of his face, replacing a bone, and inserting a prosthetic forehead. But despite the pain, he was able to regain his health and continue with his BMX riding career. His recovery has been documented on YouTube. And Scotty has recently announced plans to return to the BMX world.

Unlike most BMX riders, Scotty has a unique style. In addition to his daring stunts, he also combines technique and skill in his routines. As a result, he is able to perform some extremely difficult tricks. Moreover, his style makes him popular among BMX fans.

Scotty was a BMX pro when he was just 18 years old. He was born in Jackson Township, New Jersey. During his career, he earned several gold medals at the X Games. One of them is a gold medal for winning the Vans Let It Ride Street Competition. During that competition, he was ranked second.

Scotty is married to Lisa. They live in a house in Jackson, New Jersey. Their family also includes their parents and their pet bulldog. When Scotty was injured, his wife was always there to help him recover. She even raised a fund for his recovery.

Scotty has a vlogging channel called “Scotty Cranmer.” His social media accounts are also active. He has over 530K followers on Instagram. Besides his vlogging, he posts videos of BMX stunts. He has a huge number of subscribers on his self-titled channel, which has more than 1.6 million subscribers.

His career started in 2000. The rider has competed in several X-Games and won nine medals. However, he is currently recovering from a brutal injury that left him with a head injury, a fractured C-4 and C-5 vertebrae, and cerebral hemorrhage.

Currently, Scotty is earning money from his YouTube channel. His channel has gained a large number of subscribers and he receives free stuff from sponsors. Moreover, he rides for several brands, including Vans, Hyper Bikes, and Pro-tec Helmets. Additionally, he has his own skate park, a car, and a home ramp.

Despite his recent injury, he has been working hard to reclaim his status as a pro biker. Scotty has announced that he is currently training for a comeback. If he is able to achieve that, he will definitely be worth more than his estimated net worth of $2 million.

Scotty has made a name for himself throughout the world with his hard work and dedication. He has been praised for his amazing feats. Even his peers have dubbed him the “Bulldozer.”