Shanda Sumpter Net Worth – How Much Is She Worth?

Shanda Sumpter is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and lifestyle specialist. She is the founder of HeartCore Business, a company that trains entrepreneurs to build profitable and sustainable businesses. She is also the creator of the Zone Event, an online course that drives over $4 million in sales. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, she is also a wife and mother of two, and a lover of all things related to self development. Throughout her life, she has experienced some ups and downs, but has come out stronger.

Shanda Sumpter started out broke with just $500 in her pocket. She took a chance and hired a mentor on credit. This was the start of an epic journey that has led to a successful career as a coach and business expert. Now she owns three properties, and her company has earned her the title of “Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business.” Luckily for her, she’s got a great support system. Read on to learn more about this self-made success story.

The best part of all is that her business is a win-win for everyone. Her employees get the same benefits as her clients, while they’re able to do some good in the process. Plus, she has a thriving email list of over 121,000 names. In fact, it’s one of the reasons she was able to pull off the aforementioned.

When it comes to Shanda Sumpter’s most impressive achievements, it’s hard not to notice the fact that she started from a place of humble beginnings. Her journey includes surviving the Great Recession, and escaping from a foreclosure nightmare. Despite the challenges she faced along the way, she’s learned valuable lessons that will help other struggling entrepreneurs get back on their feet. To help make her vision a reality, she’s incorporated numerous tools to support her own, as well as those of her clients. For instance, she’s a member of the Entrepreneur’s Club, a business group that focuses on fostering entrepreneurial excellence in its members. Whether it’s a simple webinar or a full scale boot camp, she’s a leader who always has her finger on the pulse.

On a more serious note, her biggest achievements are enabling her clients to build lucrative online networks and transform their financial lives for the better. In fact, she has helped to drive sales of more than $5 million. As a matter of fact, she’s been able to create a lifestyle business model that allows her employees to take off the last week of every month, giving them a chance to recharge and enjoy family time.