Shane and Hannah Burcaw Net Worth

The net worth of Shane and Hannah Burcaw is $5 million. They are one of the most famous YouTube couples, earning huge attention from social media and their YouTube channel. They also wrote books, vlogs, and have their own non-profit organization that provides medical equipment for people with muscular atrophy.

As part of their YouTube career, Shane and Hannah have created a joint channel called Squirmy and Grubs. In this channel, they talk about life as a disabled couple and share their experiences in a fun and relatable manner.

Since the beginning of their YouTube career, they have been able to attract thousands of followers. Their videos cover their daily lives. It has also benefited them in terms of their career. For instance, they have been featured on BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post.

Both Shane and Hannah are extremely active on social media. They post photos of themselves and each other on their accounts and have also started a daily Q&A session to interact with their fans.

Currently, Shane and Hannah are still together. However, the couple has announced that they are getting married in September 2020. When they announced this, haters and commentators responded with negative comments and questions. This made them postpone their big wedding until a later date.

When they first met, they were both in college. Both of them have a passion for writing and are constantly pursuing their dreams. They began dating after meeting online, and the relationship has been growing since then. Though they had no idea how long they would be together, they decided to pursue their relationship.

Shane is a speaker and author, who primarily makes money from his YouTube career and book sales. He has written three books and collaborated with numerous brands. His personal net worth is estimated at $1.2 million.

In addition to blogging and vlogging, Shane is a public speaker and has spoken in major conferences and events. He is a writer and his first book was “Not so different”. One of his other books is a sequel to the book he wrote in 2014.

After releasing their first book, Shane and Hannah were able to get their name into the spotlight. Despite the fact that they have a disability, they have been able to transform the public’s perception of a handicapped person. With the help of their YouTube channel and their books, they have been able to change the perception of disabilities as well.

Shane and Hannah are now engaged, and the couple had their backyard minimony during COVID-19. They have been dating for a year and a half, and they have already bought a house. Sadly, their wedding was postponed because of the pandemic.

Although the couple has been through a lot, their love has not weakened. They are still together and they are on the mission to change the way we view disability. Hopefully, their success will increase in the future.

Aside from their YouTube career, Shane and Hannah are engaged to be married. They plan to be married in their backyard in the fall of 2020.