Shawn Chartier Net Worth

Among the many celebrities to grace the small screen Shawn Chartier stands apart. As well as being one of the most notable members of the Chartier clan, he’s also got a hefty checkbook. Although he’s a businessman, he’s also a family man at heart, as evidenced by his philanthropic endeavors and charitable contributions. Despite all the success, he still finds time to squeak out a few laughs with his family. His father, in particular, was a busy bee. Thankfully, he’s now a happy and remarried father.

Despite his plethora of responsibilities, he found the time to indulge in some healthy competition and have some fun along the way. He may be a bit of a perfectionist, but he doesn’t let it get in the way of his family. In fact, he’s a family man so much so that he’s been married to his wife for over a decade. For a guy of his caliber, this is quite the feat. So, who knows, maybe he’ll pop the question a few years down the road. Hopefully, his wife will take to heart. Luckily for them, they aren’t too far apart if they decide to get married in the first place. Aside from his professional and personal lives, he’s also a big fan of high end cars. This is a good thing because they’re a lot of fun to drive. Oh and he’s not ashamed to show off his collection to his friends. Considering the fact that he’s not from the deep south, his car collection has some serious swag.

On a personal note, he’s a nice guy, and one of the most likable humans I’ve ever met. It’s a shame that he can’t spend more time in the sun with his wife, but his ephemeral aficionado status is a good thing.