Shawna Waldron Net Worth

If you are a fan of actress Shawna Waldron, then you probably know her for her roles as Azalea in Poison Ivy: The Secret Society, Bonnie Stiles in Ladies Man, and Anne Harrison in Family Rules. These are only some of the starring roles she has appeared in during her career. She has also had guest roles in several films. And she has won awards for her performances.

Earlier on in her life, she got her start in the commercial world. In addition, she studied dance and participated in a number of TV commercials. But when she was only ten, she realized that her passion was acting. So, she began to take part in various projects and landed her first starring role as Anne Harrison in Family Rules. This led to her being nominated for a Young Artist Award.

After having her successful career as an actor, she started her own company. She is also known for her work as a freelance filmmaker and videographer. Since she is still active in the film industry, she has been able to make a great amount of money. Although she has not revealed the details of her income, she has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.

Besides being an actress, Shawna Waldron has been a producer as well. Her movies include the children’s movie Little Giants (1994) and Char*ac*ter: The Interviews (2010). Furthermore, she starred in Ladies Man, which aired on CBS in 1999 and 2000. Moreover, she has been a part of the cast of several films including The Wonderful World of Disney (1998), Twiter (2009), and Cyrus (2012).

Shawna Waldron is also famous for her role as Becky O’Shea in Little Giants. The film was considered as her film debut. But it did not do so well at the box office. However, her performance on the show earned her an award, the Blue Grass Award, which she received for her role. Another award that she earned was the Best Actress Award in the Blue Whiskey Film Festival.

Apart from her roles as an actress, Waldron has also acted in several TV shows. Some of the TV series that she has been a part of are The American President (1995), A Change of Heart (1998), and Family Rules (2019).

Before becoming an actress, she had been a model and participated in a number of television commercials. She has even been a guest on the Morning Glory trial program on CBS. She has also worked as a free-lance videographer for the Nikola Tesla Advocate.

During her career, Waldron has starred in a total of 22 films and TV shows. Her other film roles include the films Moloney (1996), The Yellow Sign (2001), and 3 Days in L.A. (2007). Also, she has been nominated for an Action on Film International Film Festival award. Lastly, she has been a recipient of the WAB award for her role as Anna in Police Guys (2013).