Shelli Gardner Net Worth

Shelli Gardner is one of the most famous celebrities of the present day. She is the co-founder of the well-known company called Stampin’ Up! She is a celebrity in her own right and has contributed a lot to the media and to the public. She is also a mother of five children. Her net worth is estimated to be quite high.

Despite having a low start in life, she managed to succeed in her career through hard work. She has also received several prestigious awards from high-ranking officials. In fact, her success has helped to make her a role model to younger generations.

Shelli Gardner was born in California and later moved to Utah with her family. As a child, she lived in the Alpine, Utah, Mormon neighborhood. While she was in elementary school, she worked in a clothes business. However, she decided to pursue higher education and eventually became a college student. Then she worked as a sales representative for direct sales companies.

A few years after graduation, she joined a company named Stampin’ Up! She and her sister, LaVonne Crosby, began the business in 1988. It has since grown to include over 40,000 demonstrators and has sold more than $200 million in products. They have a production plant in Kanab, Utah, and a distribution center in Riverton, Utah.

In 1996, Gardner opened the office in Salt Lake City. At this time, she became the CEO of the company. Several years later, she opened a combination administrative offices in Riverton. Recently, she has opened Brick Canvas at Thanksgiving Point.

Shelli Gardner’s ex-husband, Mario Fernandez, was her gym coach. Their relationship became strained after the couple’s divorce. According to court papers, the two frequently butted heads over parenting techniques. Nevertheless, they continued to live together. After the couple separated, Fernandez visited a tattoo parlor to get pierced. He is currently at large, but has not been apprehended.

Shelli Gardner has a son named Liam. His parents, Sterling and Shanna Gardner, are also parents. Jared Bridegan, whom she married in 2010, was a Microsoft executive. Wedding photos have been published in a variety of magazines. Afterwards, they had twins. Sadly, Jared was murdered on February 16, 2022.

Until now, no one has been convicted of killing Jared. During the time that the attack was going on, Gardner was in Florida visiting her friend. However, she is still at large. So far, no charges have been brought against her, but she has engaged a criminal defense attorney.

Shelli Gardner has a net worth of millions of dollars. Her husband, Sterling, is a millionaire and she is estimated to have a fortune of at least $100 million. Besides her success, she is known for putting employees first. She often makes birthday cards for her employees, and provides breakfast for them during the factory workday.

In her personal life, Gardner is a mother of five children, and her daughter will take over the company while she is serving her mission.