Sherry Shriner Net Worth

Sherry Shriner was a famous American celebrity and self-proclaimed Messenger of the Highest God. She was an author and cult leader. In the end of her life, she had a net worth of $2 million. Aside from her writings and teachings, she also spread her beliefs on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Sherry Shriner was a native of Cleveland, Ohio. During her lifetime, she studied at Kent State University, which was a site of protests for the Vietnam War. After completing her education, she pursued a career in journalism, political science, and criminal justice. As an adult, she led an opulent lifestyle. When she died in January 2021, she was 55 years old. Her death was a result of a heart attack.

During her life, Sherry Shriner was close to Satan, or Lucifer, and had a very close bond with him. She wrote books about her conversations with him, and she taught seminars to educate the public about the spiritual world. But she also fought the Devil in the real world. For instance, she helped people understand that aliens were the biggest enemy of the devil. Moreover, she was a fan of Sci-Fi apocalyptic vision.

One of the most controversial books written by Sherry Shriner was Interview With The Devil. This book contains the conversation she had with Lucifer. According to her, the devil has a plan to control the United States Government. And she is the only person who can stop this plan.

Another controversial book was entitled The Devil You Know. It talks about the relationship Sherry Shriner had with Steve Mineo, who she considered a member of her cult. However, the book does not state who is at fault for Mineo’s death.

Sherry Shriner’s death came two years after the death of her cult member, Steven Mineo. Before his death, the pair had a strong friendship. They were friends on Facebook, and Mineo had been the primary follower of Sherry on social media.

According to the rumors, the murder of Mineo was a result of a romantic relationship between them. But, there is no evidence to support these claims. Regardless, the court did not accept the allegations of the woman who shot him. Instead, the court found that the crime was unintentional, and the defendant was not at fault.

Sherry Shriner’s cult grew in popularity after her death. Some people claimed that she had a daughter, but the family does not seem to have any information. At the time of her death, she was in an opulent position, earning substantial amounts as the leader of the Alien Reptile Cult.

When she died, she was considered an epitome of evil. Many news channels reported that her death was related to the death of Mineo. There is also little information about her family on the internet. She is believed to be buried in Carrollton, Ohio.

Sherry Shriner had no immediate family. Despite the high profile she had, she had no intention of marrying.