Simone Jardim Net Worth

Simone Jardim is a world-class pickleball player. Born in Santa Maria, Brazil, she has spent the last twenty-two years of her life in the US. She currently lives in Naples, Florida, near the Peak Performance Pickleball Academy. She has won numerous PPA titles and dozens of gold medals throughout her career. In addition to her achievements on the court, she also serves as a brand endorser for Prince Pickleball.

One of the most well-known women in pickleball, Simone Jardim is a Brazilian-American professional player who is a top player on both the men’s and women’s sides of the game. She competes in singles and mixed doubles, and her ranking in Women’s Doubles is number one. Throughout her career, she has won a total of seventy-two gold medals and has been ranked in the top ten of the Professional Pickleball Association standings.

Before becoming a professional, Simone Jardim earned a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Auburn University. She was also an assistant tennis coach at Fresno State University for three years. During her tenure at Fresno, she helped the team win three WAC conference championships. Eventually, she transferred to the College of William and Mary and began coaching there. However, she stepped down from her position as head tennis coach when she and her family moved to Florida.

Since her transition to a professional, Jardim has been earning money as a brand endorser for Prince Pickleball. She has a standing sponsorship contract, and is seen in many of Prince’s promotional videos. In addition to her work as a professional, she is a wife and mother. Despite her success, Jardim is a firm believer in education. As a pickleball ambassador, she is passionate about growing the sport and improving the education of pickleball players around the world.

Although her net worth is not publicly disclosed, Simone Jardim’s earnings are fairly substantial. Her primary source of income is from her pickleball career, and her estimated net worth is approximately $2 million by 2022. The majority of her earnings are from pickleball tournaments. Aside from her own winnings, she has received endorsements from brands such as Prince Pickleball, Nike, and Jigsaw Health.

Although she had been the world’s number one woman pickleball player for most of her career, she recently announced that she would retire from pickleball after the 2022 calendar year. During a podcast, she said that she is struggling with her mental health. While she is not sure how she will continue her career after retirement, she will likely be in high demand for pickleball related work in the future.

After winning back-to-back matches across the world, Jardim was named the world’s number one female player. However, her status as the number one player was a temporary one. Until recently, she held the number one position for Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Doubles.

She has won four gold medals at the US Open in 2018, and has a record of nine in Women’s Doubles. Additionally, she has won the Triple Crown twice at the US Open.