SoaPen Net Worth – How Has SoaPen Increased Their Net Worth?

SoaPen is a brand of hand wash made by entrepreneurs Amanat Anand and Shubham Issar. They grew up in New Delhi, India and were students at Parsons School of Design in New York City. They launched the SoaPen company in 2015 after completing their studies. Their idea was to design a pen that would encourage children to wash their hands properly.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, the company raised $28,000 from a successful Kickstarter campaign. They also received funding through the UNICEF Wearables for Good Challenge. The money was used to develop the product. However, they weren’t very successful at first. There were many obstacles that they faced during their initial stages.

Eventually, they increased the production capacity of the product and started selling it on eBay and Amazon. This led to social media coverage, which in turn sold a lot of the product. As a result, they began to gain popularity and increased their net worth.

The company has been featured at the 2019 Women in the World Summit and was one of the winners of the UNICEF Wearables for Good challenge. In addition, they are donating one pen to a low income community in India for every three that is sold.

According to the CDC, 50 percent of infectious diseases are prevented by washing your hands. Unfortunately, most kids do not do so. Hence, Amanat and Shubham decided to make a pen that could encourage children to wash their hands and make it fun.

After the launch of SoaPen, the company went on to receive funding. They were mentored by Mr. Nirav Tolia, who offered them a $100,000 investment for a 10% stake in the company. He also promised a $1 royalty on each unit sold until the firm paid back $200,000 to him.

In October of 2021, the startup’s founders filmed an episode of Shark Tank. On the show, the entrepreneurs pitched the product to sharks Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec. The company sold 5,000 units for $85,000. Since then, the product has been developed further and the company has started selling more products.

The SoaPen pens are colorful soap filled pens that are designed to encourage children to wash their hands. They can use the product as a crayon, a pen, or as an efficient sanitizer. When a child uses the SoaPen to sanitize their hands, they also get the benefit of vitamin E in the gel that they’re using to clean. Children also love the smell of the soap and the colors.

The product is now available on Amazon and is available in three different colors. It also comes in a pen format, which makes it easy for kids to use. Currently, the soap has a price range of $10 – $18. Additionally, it is marketed for children, making it a great gift for kids.

The SoaPen net worth is estimated to be $2 million by the end of 2022. Soapen has received funding from investors and will continue to expand its business.