Soldier Kidd Net Worth

Soldier Kidd is a rapper whose career began at an early age. He started taking music seriously around the age of 15. As of this writing, Soldier has released two albums: Kick Soldier Kid and Killerz and Loverz. He has also released some notable videos, including “P.A.T. (RICO)” and “The Dead”. He has over 360,000 followers on Instagram, and more than 209K on Twitter. However, he has yet to release any major announcements about his career.

Despite his relatively modest stature, he has a net worth of at least $250,000. His rap style has earned him a cult following, and he has racked up hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube. For the first time in his life, Kidd has taken his music beyond the studio to the stage. This has helped him become a popular artist in Florida’s rap scene.

Despite his rap career, Soldier’s true passion is for the game of football. In March 2018, he graduated from high school. But he does not plan on pursuing his studies any further. Instead, he wants to focus on his career and leave his personal life to his fans.

Although he has not been formally engaged, he has dated several women. These include Melly, who has $170K in assets, and SG TIP, who has a net worth of $140K. While he has not explicitly spelled out his relationship status to the media, it is fairly clear that he is currently single.

Soldier has a decent body size. At a height of 5 feet and 9 inches, Soldier weighs in at around 65 kilograms. He has a slim figure, which may be a reflection of his relatively modest lifestyle. Moreover, he wears a turban that is said to be the trademark of his label, Kick Soldier Kid. The turban is a definite plus.

The most impressive thing about Soldier is his ability to hold his own amongst the industry’s biggest names. For instance, his “The Dead” video has garnered more than 420,000 views on YouTube, while his “P.A.T. (RICO)” video has garnered over a million hits. Another noteworthy fact is that he has a large and well-appointed house.

Other notable achievements include his’mimosa-like’ turban and signature grills. Though he has no children, he has shown a lot of interest in getting married. And though he has never revealed his marital status, he has stated that he prefers to keep his life private.

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