Sona Movsesian Net Worth

Sona Movsesian is a well-known American media personality who came to limelight after she became the personal assistant of late night talk show host Conan O’Brien. She has been working as his personal assistant since 2009 and she has also appeared in the show several times.

She is a hardworking and talented individual who has been successful in her career. She has a good understanding of humor and is also very active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Her fans always love her appearance on the show and she often receives a lot of positive feedback from them.

Sona grew up in Montebello, California and later attended the University of Southern California. She is married to a graphic artist named Tak Boroyan. The couple is living happily together and they practice Armenian Orthodox Christianity.

The exact figure of her net worth is not known as there are conflicting reports about her income and earnings. However, some sources claim that she earns around $1 million annually. Apart from her work as a personal assistant, she is also a successful podcaster and has her own merchandise line that sells products such as mugs and t-shirts with her name on it.

Talin Sona Movsesian was born on 13 October 1982 in Montebello, California and grew up in Hacienda Heights along with her family. She has a degree in Arts from the University of Southern California and started her career as an intern at NBC News. She worked there as a page and Eventson and Operatis Coordinator for a year before she caught the attention of Conan O’Brien, who made her his personal assistant.

During her time as Conan’s assistant, she has appeared on several episodes of the show and has also been part of the documentary film Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop. She also co-hosted a podcast with Conan O’Brien and Matt Gourley in 2018. She is currently the voice of Princess Sugar Salt on American French characters, an animated television series.

Sona is an avid sports fan and she loves playing volleyball and soccer. She has participated in many matches. She is a fitness fan and regularly workouts to maintain her physique. She is a very positive person and she always inspires people to follow their dreams.

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Sona has a natural beauty and she is very attractive in appearance. She is tall and has a good body structure. She has brown eyes and a white complexion. Her hair is long and she has a nice smile. She is a very friendly person who loves helping her friends and colleagues. She is a good listener and she takes a lot of advice from her husband Conan O’Brien. She is a very supportive wife and she always encourages him to do what he wants to do. She is an amazing person and her fans love her for that. They often send her messages and gifts to her on her birthday. She is an inspiration to many young girls and women.