Songlorious Net Worth

Songlorious is an innovative music platform that gives customers the ability to customize their own songs. Its artists create original songs for various occasions and events. They receive a percentage of the revenue from each song they create. The company plans to record songs in Arabic, Spanish, and other languages. As of October 2022, the team is already working with over 160 musicians.

The owners of Songlorious are Omayya Atout and Ellen Hodges. Before founding Songlorious, the couple was both musicians. Omayya studied civil engineering at the University of Alabama and worked as a track supervisor II for Norfolk Southern Corporation. Ellen studied history at the University of Miami. She also had experience as a barista at Starbucks. After graduating, the pair decided to pursue a career in business.

Songlorious began as a personal project, but it soon evolved into a full-fledged business. It’s a personalized song platform that offers musicians the opportunity to make money while providing their audience with unique music. Using this model, they’ve managed to get over 11,000 requests for songs. And they’ve reportedly generated more than $700,000 in sales in the first year of operation. In fact, the company is now valued at about $4 million.

The team of Songlorious is based in Brooklyn, New York. The business employs 150 musicians. Each artist is required to attend a training session to learn how to perform their songs and follow the company’s standards. Customers submit information about their song occasion, song mood, and style. Once they are able to complete the 30-second song order, the Songlorious team will produce a new song in less than three days.

Songlorious has received rave reviews from the media. They’ve been featured on several television shows, including the Today Show and Good Day LA. And their organic traffic has increased by 20-fold in just a year. Despite the fact that they’re only four months old, the business has already been picked up by brand-name investors such as Mark Cuban and Daymond John.

The owners of Songlorious plan to use the investment they’ve gotten from the Sharks to hire professional marketing help. In addition, they want to continue to expand the business’s corporate offerings. They plan to do this by incorporating more musicians and integrating a full-fledged marketing strategy. These investments are expected to help the company reach its $2.5 million revenue goal for the year 2021.

As of October, Songlorious’s artists have received over $650,000 in payments. The company estimates that it will generate over $2.5 million in revenues this year, and has plans to increase its number of artists to 211 by October 2022. If the business continues to grow, it’s likely that it will eventually reach a net worth of at least $2.6 million.

In an effort to expand their corporate offerings, the Songlorious Atouts have plans to work with celebrity musicians. They’ve discussed the possibility of joining a music band, and they’ve even talked about working with Cameo.