Sophia Deso Net Worth

Sophia Turner is a renowned social media star and the wife of YouTuber Derek Deso. She has made a name for herself by posting content on her Instagram account and is known for her fashion sense. Her videos have received over one million views. The couple has a son named Quincy.

Sophia Turner started her career as a hairdresser, but her interest in the fashion industry led her to become a model. She worked for several famous brands in the world of fashion. After she got her degree, she decided to pursue a career in management. As a result of her hard work and determination, she earned many prestigious prizes. This is the reason why she is considered as a successful and prominent figure in the world of media.

She also became famous as a lash specialist. Apart from being a model, she runs her own YouTube channel. Currently, she has over 130,000 followers on her channel and is estimated to earn a good income from her various sources of income.

In addition to being a YouTuber, she also runs her own official TikTok account. The net worth of the social media star is expected to reach about $200,000 in mid-2021. It is believed that she has a handsome physique with dark brown eyes. She is also believed to have several tattoos.

She has received multiple degrees from a number of reputed universities in the world. However, she had to face difficulties during her educational years. But she fought her way to success, and now she is a global superstar. With her efforts and her dedication, she has received numerous epoch-making accolades from leading figures in the world of entertainment.

Besides her YouTube and TikTok accounts, she is an authority on social media and has a very large following on other platforms such as Instagram. Having a massive presence on social media, she has amassed a huge audience, with her videos being viewed millions of times. Despite her popularity, Sophia Turner has been tight-lipped about the identity of her previous partner.

She and her husband are planning a wedding ceremony in September 2020. During the wedding, she is supposed to wear a dress. While she has not revealed her age, it is assumed that she is in her early thirties.

Throughout her life, Sophia has travelled to different places. She was born in the United States of America. Her parents were not well off. Nevertheless, she had a good relationship with her siblings, and the two grew up with strong bonds. Aside from her family, she also became a model for many famous fashion brands. Eventually, she decided to pursue a higher education and moved to another city to pursue her college degree.

Currently, she is raising her son, who she had with her previous partner. They share a strong father-son bond. Moreover, they are enjoying their married life. They have been living in Los Angeles, California. Moreover, they both love to travel, and they enjoy sharing their journeys on social media.