Sophia Urista Net Worth

Sophia Urista is one of the most popular singers in the United States. She is currently living in New York City. Her net worth is estimated to be around $7 million. During her career, she has appeared in various advertisements, films, and television shows. In addition, she has also written songs for other top stars.

Sophia is a member of the group Brass Against. The band has toured extensively in the world. As a lead performer, she is responsible for the songs released under the Brass Against brand. This has helped the singer to achieve fame and a large amount of money.

Before becoming a member of the Brass Against band, she was coached by famous singer Quincy Jones. Sophia has been able to earn an estimated amount of $6 million through her music career. Currently, she is engaged to fitness trainer Jess King. They have been dating for several years and have no signs of breaking up.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Urista moved to New York City at age 21. When she first came to the city, she had just $700 in her pocket. At the time, she aspired to be a singer. Although her parents were against her plans, she managed to leave the family and pursue her dream.

Sophia has been in a relationship with Jess King for quite some time now. The two are active members of the fitness community. They have a pet dog named Chicken. They also teach at Peloton, a fitness company.

As of late, Sophia has been in the spotlight for an incredibly shady act. In fact, it has made the singer go viral. While performing at a metal festival, Sophia was urinated on a fan. This embarrassing incident resulted in the band, ‘Brass Against’, apologizing for the indecent act. However, it is unknown whether or not the band carried out its apology. On the other hand, it is known that the pair have not broken up and are still in love.

Despite the indecent act, Sophia has been able to maintain a healthy relationship with her girlfriend. Although they have not announced that they are expecting a child, they have not left each other since. It is also possible that they are going to be married.

Although not officially confirmed, it is believed that the singer is a lesbian. Her fans claim that she loves life on her terms. She is also said to be a happy dog lover. There are many fan pages online that keep their fans updated on their performances. Thousands of people are now following the singer.

Aside from her work as a singer, Sophia is also a fitness instructor. She and her boyfriend Jess have a lot of fans, and there is no sign that they are breaking up. They have also been living in the same place for a few months. Both of them are currently working on some new songs.

After achieving great success in her musical career, Sophia has also worked as a model. She has a huge social media following and has accumulated a large amount of money through her paid work.