Sophie Swaney Net Worth – How Much Is Sophie Swaney Worth?

Sophie Swaney is a famous social media celebrity from the United States. She has close to 1 million followers on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Her primary source of income is as a television personality. In addition, she has also modeled for various projects.

Sophie Swaney was born on 7 September 1994 in Arlington, Tennessee. She has three sisters named Sarah, Jorja, and Natalie. Her father is Randall Swaney and her mother is Grace Swaney. From a young age, she was influenced by her father, who was the founder of Marshall Steakhouse.

At the age of 21, she realized that she wanted to work with guns. With her interest in firearms, she enrolled in one of the 10 gunsmithing schools in the United States. She began sharing pictures of her rifle-focused photos through her Instagram account in December 2011. This led to her becoming an influencer for outdoor content. Soon, she became known for posting images related to hunting, fishing, and trucks.

Sophie Swaney has a self-titled YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel went live on November 6, 2017. It has collected 2.21 thousand subscribers as of May 2021. Moreover, she has two personal Facebook accounts. One is the older account that was last updated in December 2018. Currently, she has over 6067 followers on her old account. The other is her marketing account where she promotes several brands.

The 26-year-old social media star’s estimated net worth is $1 million to $5 million. Her assets include money and possessions. While her salary is unknown, she has also earned her fame through her social media career.

Throughout her career as an influencer, Swaney has partnered with a number of notable companies. These include Tate Bros Tires, Lash Me Up Girl, Yeehaw Cowboy Boots, and Freedom Holsters. Some of her most popular videos and content involve her love of cars and trucks.

Although her personal life is private, Sophie Swaney has revealed that she is romantically involved with Johnny Justice. They have shared a few pictures together. But they have reportedly stopped dating. Their last pictures were posted on July 2022.

As of January 2020, she has a total of 1.9 million likes on her TikTok account. She is also a huge fan of trucks and outdoor activities. Nevertheless, she prefers to lead a modest lifestyle.

On Facebook, she has a total of 622k+ fans. Moreover, she has a backup Twitter account. Her main Instagram account has close to 120K+ followers.

Though she has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, she was allowed to drive a car. She has a degree in Gunsmithing. Currently, she is living in Lakeland, Tennessee.

Since she was a child, she wanted to be a vet. However, she ended up pursuing a more entrepreneurial route. She created a T-shirt that featured her signature Camo butterfly. She has also designed an iPhone case. Now, she is no longer looking for a romantic partner.

Sophie Swaney has been arrested for DUI in Nashville in January 2021. A couple months later, she was charged with possession of a handgun, driving under the influence of alcohol, and possession of a casual exchange.