Spring Byington Net Worth – Facts About the Actress

Spring Byington is an American actress. She was born on October 17, 1886, in Colorado Springs, CO, USA. The actress died on September 7, 1971 in Los Angeles, CA, USA. In her lifetime, Spring had a career in acting and was one of the most popular TV actors.

Spring Byington made her film debut in 1930. Her second film was as Marmee in ‘Little Women’. It was a popular movie and established her as a highly successful actress. After retiring from acting, Spring continued to write books about her travels and marriage.

As a child, Spring was adopted by her aunty Margaret Eddy. When her mother died, Spring and her younger sister were taken care of by the aunt. Spring graduated from North High School in 1904 and joined the repertory company.

While in school, Spring performed small plays. She also began reading science fiction novels. One day, she thought about joining the news reporting field. However, her mother passed away before she could become a reporter.

Spring Byington was active in social, political, and scientific issues. She was a member of the Women’s Volunteer Association. She was also interested in metaphysics.

Initially, Spring worked as a doctor. At the age of twenty, she lived in New York City. After her father’s death, she moved to Boston. During this time, she met Roy Carey Chandler. They married in 1909. He was a company manager of a theater troupe in Buenos Aires. Their marriage lasted four years.

Spring and Roy Chandler divorced in 1919. Before the marriage, a friend of theirs had suggested that they take a trip to South America. Despite Spring’s reluctance, she agreed.

After their trip, Spring and Chandler returned to New York. Spring gave birth to a daughter. But they never married again. Instead, they started a family with their daughters. During their life together, they had six children. Each of them had their own unique personality.

Spring enjoyed traveling during her retirement. She was a fan of books and reading. She had a lot of friends in Leonardsville Village. Eventually, she took flying lessons. These were discontinued because of insurance problems.

Spring had a long-term relationship with Marjorie Main. However, it was rumored that she was lesbian. The actress had a good sense of humor and was very polite. Despite these claims, she had a very private life. Besides, Spring kept her love life to herself.

Although her professional career was a success, Spring had a personal life that was a disaster. She had a number of affairs and suffered from diabetes. Her health deteriorated until she died in 1971. Luckily, she left behind two great-grandchildren.

A famous soundtrack, Spring Byington was also a very popular actress. The actress starred in a series of movies, including “No Room for the Groom” and “The Rocket Man.”

Known for her performances in the “December Bride” and the “Jones Family” films, Spring was among the most popular actresses in the United States. She was nominated for an Emmy award in 1958.