Stephen Amritraj Net Worth – How Much Is Stephen Amritraj Worth?

The net worth of former professional tennis player Stephen Amritraj is estimated at over $1 million. This figure is in addition to the $39,589 he made during his tennis career. Despite his storied career in the sport, Amritraj has not won any prestigious singles titles. But his doubles accomplishments are impressive. As a student athlete at Duke University, Amritraj played in a pair of successful tandems and ranks eighth on the school’s all-time doubles wins list.

During his college days at Duke, Amritraj was a four-time NCAA college tennis champion and earned academic all-ACC honors during the 2002-03 and 2004-05 academic years. He also earned the title of best doubles player in his class. In 2006, Amritraj won the ACC Championship match against Virginia. After graduation, he went on to serve as an expert analyst for Men’s Tennis.

Although he retired from the game in 2009, Amritraj has maintained a presence in the tennis world. One of his more notable achievements was playing in the ATP Challenger Tour, where he finished as a semi-finalist in five of the seven events he played in. Other high points include a trip to the Australian Open, where he defeated a fellow countryman to win a doubles title.

Aside from his tennis career, Amritraj has also managed to make a name for himself in the world of social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter. With more than a million followers, Amritraj is a highly sought after sports commentator on Twitter and a frequent contributor to social media sites like Twiter and Instagram. While he may be out of the tennis spotlight, Amritraj has been known to take the time to address India on various titles. Among other things, he has addressed the nation on the one of his most memorable accomplishments, a patented, custom-made shoe called the Yeezy sneaker. And, he even has his own Twitter account.

When he’s not working as a sports analyst, Amritraj lives in Calabasas, California with his wife and children. He’s currently a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. Not only is he a great fan of the franchise, but he’s also an avid follower of the LA Clippers. Among his other interests, he’s an enthusiast of baseball and hockey. However, he admits that tennis is his first love.

Whether or not he’s still a high-level tennis player, Amritraj is a bona fide sporting genius. His expertise on the game is well-documented, and he is one of the leading authorities on the subject. Indeed, he’s been the recipient of many awards and recognitions, including being named the best collegiate player in the United States, the most valuable player in the NCAA, and the most accomplished tennis player in the nation. That alone would seem to merit a net worth in the region of several million dollars, but he’s actually not that rich, considering his minuscule height of 75 pounds.