Steve Hofstetter Net Worth

Steve Hofstetter is a comedian, writer, and social commentator. He has appeared on many shows and is a prominent YouTuber. His videos have garnered over 100 million views.

Hofstetter was born in New York on September 11, 1979. He grew up in Queens. After graduating from Hunter College High School in 1997, he attended Columbia University for a bachelor’s degree. From there, he produced a comedy program on the Fox network, Laughs.

During his time at Columbia, he also became the leader of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. In 2002, he graduated from the school. The following year, he was selected by Fox Sports as Senior Comedy Correspondent for Just a Bit Outside.

After graduation, he went on to work as a writer for various publications. He was also a weekly columnist for Sports Illustrated. In 2006, he created his own YouTube channel. Currently, he has 637 thousand subscribers and more than 100 million views.

Hofstetter’s career has taken off since then, and he is now the executive producer and host of Laughs on the Fox network. He has also written for Maxim, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated for Kids. Earlier, he taught online marketing at his alma mater. During this time, Hofstetter also wrote for Columbia Onlooker.

Among his most notable projects is the “Heckler Destroyer” video. This is a series of videos that Hofstetter posted on his YouTube channel. Originally he wanted to make videos that would appeal to his young audience, and the result was successful. When it was released, Hofstetter was praised for the way he used humor to tackle issues of the day.

Besides his YouTube channel, Hofstetter has published a couple of books. In 2018, he released Ginger Kid: Mostly True Tales from a Former Nerd. As a result of this, he gained recognition from a wider audience. Several television shows have featured him, including ABC’s Barbara Walters Special, CBS’s Countdown, and Snickers. He also appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Hofstetter has been a guest on a number of radio programs. He has hosted Four Quotas on Sirius Satellite Radio, and has contributed to ESPN, ESPN2, MLB’s Network MLB Now show, and National Lampoon Radio Sports Minute (Or So).

He also starred in Finding Babe Ruth on the FS1 network. Currently, he is a panelist on the MLB show. Hofstetter also has an extensive radio career, which includes contributing to several local news programs in cities across the country.

Hofstetter’s main source of income comes from his YouTube videos, but he has also been known to sell merchandise on the platform. Additionally, he has a website and several social media accounts. It is not yet known how much he makes from his YouTube channel. But it is estimated that he has a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

Hofstetter has also produced a few comedy albums. One of his best-known songs is a cover of the Beatles’ song, “I Will Be There.” He has also contributed to Four Quotas, a collection of comedians.