Stoney LaRue Net Worth

Stoney LaRue is a country music artist that is making a name for himself on the Red Dirt circuit. Born and raised in Southeastern Oklahoma, he has moved to Texas and now makes his home in New Braunfels. He has won awards for his instrumental prowess and has been credited for his vocal abilities. His albums have sold well and he has been a consistent performer on the road.

In 2002, LaRue released his first single, “Downtown,” and subsequently moved to New Braunfels to be close to the music community. The song was a big hit and the album followed suit, earning LaRue a nomination for Best Country Vocal Performance at the 2005 Academy of Country Music Awards. That same year, he played a concert at the Guthrie Center in Iowa and won a Grammy for Best Male Vocal Album.

Today, LaRue plays more than 200 shows a year in Canada and the United States. His music is a combination of traditional country and classic rock, with a few modern twists. On stage, LaRue has a reputation for his soulful and charismatic stage presence. His patented barroom spirituality and witty lyrics combine with his soaring vocals to create a remarkably evocative experience.

LaRue’s newest endeavor, Aviator, is a studio release due out on October 28th. The album is a combination of eOne Music’s archival recordings and brand new tracks. This album is a worthy successor to his best selling and most critically acclaimed record, Live at Billy Bob’s Texas. The songs on the LP are all well-executed, with LaRue proving that he has an ear for a good tune.

One of LaRue’s lesser known but still impressive achievements is his involvement with the Organic Boogie Band. This ‘Boogie’ is a fusion of LaRue’s talents as a songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist with that of fellow country music legends Gary Nicholson, Kenny Rogers, and Randy Rogers. While LaRue was not a member of the band, he did play a key role in its creation. Other notable contributions include his co-writing of the songs “It’s Time” and “Hillbilly Music.”

Aside from performing in bars around the Midwest and Southwest, LaRue has been the subject of numerous interviews and has even appeared in The Social Network. He has also been in the news for various other reasons, including his arrest for domestic violence. Although he is currently not married, he has a live-in girlfriend.

The website for Stoney LaRue features a responsive design, which allows it to adapt to any screen size. It also has a variety of social media links, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The page is largely a selfie, but it does have a few notable items, including a list of his magazine covers and a set of story highlights about his travels. The net worth of Stoney LaRue is unknown. However, there are some credible rumors that he may have an estimated worth in the millions. Also, LaRue has a large fan base on Twitter, which means he has a lot of followers.