SugarHill Ddot Net Worth

There’s a reason why Sugarhill Ddot has become one of the world’s top rappers. He’s able to spit bars like a veteran rapper at thirteen years old. His singles are frequently earning hundreds of thousands of streams. It’s no wonder that he’s the toast of the town, racking up an estimated net worth of $300,000.

SugarHill Ddot is one of the most famous rappers on YouTube, with over 30 million subscribers. He is also known for his viral triller clips. The rapper has collaborated with other notable artists, and has released more than twenty tracks. In addition to his own YouTube channel, he has released several music videos on the Raps & Hustles channel.

As a young kid, Sugarhill Ddot enjoyed watching Nickelole TV shows and hustling on neighborhood streets. Eventually, he became inspired by the success of his friends and decided to pick up the mic. At the time, he hadn’t listened to a lot of music, but he had heard of Tupac. A friend suggested he start rapping. This turned out to be a smart move.

SugarHill Ddot’s music video, the real purge, has received over 800k views on YouTube within two weeks of its release. This is the latest in a string of hits from the rapper. Since then, he’s continued to rise in popularity, earning a spot on the Billboard’s hot 100.

Aside from his own YouTube channel, he’s also released numerous videos on the Raps & Hustles and Raps & Hustle channels. He’s even been featured in a few background music videos from his good friend and fellow rap superstar, Edot Baby.

Notti Osama is the younger brother of DD Osama, a popular rap artist. Like many other teenagers, Notti was a hip-hop fanatic and devoted rapper. In October 2022, he appeared in several SugarHill Ddot music videos, including “Everybody Sho#.” However, Notti’s career was cut short when he was murdered in a subway station in Manhattan. Although he had been stabbed to death, he later died at a hospital. Apparently, Notti had been working on a song with Sugarhill Ddot.

Despite the sad news, the rapper hasn’t lost his enthusiasm for rap. Indeed, he is working to carry on Notti’s legacy. Some of his latest songs include “Stop Cappin,” which topped the charts at number three on iTunes’ Hip-Hop albums chart. Additionally, he’s recently been featured in a video with fellow rapper, BabySantana.

The best thing about SugarHill is that he’s never been afraid to try new things. He’s even tapped into the virtual entertainment world, posting a series of videos on his Instagram page. Those who haven’t seen him spit his bars yet might be surprised by his skill, and will be impressed with his performances. Ultimately, his dream is to become a household name in the world of hip-hop.

Hopefully, his career won’t be short-lived. Sugarhill is a hard worker and his determination to be successful in the rap game is sure to make him a household name in no time.