Sunscreenr Net Worth – How Much Is David Cohen Worth?

As the inventor of the Sunscreenr, David Cohen wants to give consumers a device that can help them protect themselves from the sun. The gadget is waterproof, sand resistant, and features a UV spectrum camera. It’s powered by a rechargeable USB battery and can record up to 30 seconds.

Dave Cohen first got the idea for his sunscreenr while observing his own and his wife’s skin cancers. He realized that the sun’s UV rays could cause them. In the process of developing his product, Cohen discovered that there was a market for such a device. He designed the Sunscreenr to filter out other wavelengths of light, such as red and infrared. This device helps users detect missed spots when they’re applying sunscreen.

Cohen launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his project. He raised $172,021 from 1,775 backers. After he received a substantial amount of money, he then went on to pitch his invention on Shark Tank.

He hoped to obtain an investment from Kevin O’Leary. However, the deal fell through. Instead, Cohen offered Kevin O’Leary a larger amount of equity. That deal failed as well, and now he’s seeking an investor for his Sunscreenr.

Cohen also appeared on Shark Tank. On that show, he asked for an investment of $800,000 for 10% of the company. His pitch was that he sold 1200 units in five weeks. At that time, the valuation of the company was $8 million. Now he’s shooting for a December, 2016 delivery.

During the pitch, Cohen revealed a few other things about his new device. For one, he’d commissioned a photo that demonstrated how the device works. Another is that it can hold a camera and record up to 30 seconds of video.

While Dave Cohen was at it, he also ran a successful Indiegogo campaign. He raised $119,629 from 1,319 backers. A Sunscreenr-themed smartphone app was also available for download. But, the Facebook page for the product was dark. Despite the traction it achieved, it’s unclear how much the company is worth as of today.

Cohen’s net worth may be small, but he’s got a good head start on competing with the big boys. Since the appearance on Shark Tank, he’s worked to find other investors and has plans to ship his device in the near future. If he succeeds, he expects to sell between one and two million units a year.

Cohen says he has the right people and the right products to help Sunscreenr succeed. And he’s confident that he’ll soon have his hands on a few million dollars in sales. Unfortunately, it’s just a matter of when.

Dave Cohen has a long history of developing scientific gadgets. Throughout his career, he has been involved in developing technologies used in security, medical, and biochemistry. Although his company, Sunscreenr, hasn’t made a big splash on the market yet, it’s still working to secure its place. Until then, he’ll keep crowdfunding the money he needs.