Tall Guy Car Reviews Net Worth

If you are a car fan, then you have probably heard of Corey Barrett. He is an American YouTube star and the owner of the Tall Guy Car Reviews channel. The channel is known for posting video content about cars and the car lifestyle.

Corey Barrett has a net worth estimated at $2 million. This is based on his estimated earnings from the YouTube channel. Moreover, he has a wife and a brother. His net worth is mainly from endorsements and other sponsorships. Also, he earns a living from speaking engagements, product sales, and speaking presentations. Lastly, his mom is also featured in some of his videos.

Corey Barrett was born on December 23, 1988, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He grew up in a rough neighborhood in North Minneapolis. While he was still in school, he was often kicked out of school.

When he was 16, he started selling drugs and stolen cash. Eventually, he was caught. He served four years in prison and earned a GED after he was released. It was while in prison that Tall Guy shot up to six-ten. During this time, he got several offers to play basketball overseas. But he was cut short of his playing days due to his criminal past.

At one point in his career, Corey Barrett had a relationship with his mom. Despite this, he keeps his personal details hidden. However, there are some instances when his mother and brother appear in his videos. One of his most popular videos is MY MOM HATES MY LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR.

Corey Barrett was once a CCSU Blue Devils forward. Before his playing days were cut short, he was injured during a men’s NCAA non-conference Division basketball game. Fortunately, he was able to recover and was given a chance to continue his education. After college, he went on to make his mark in the world of sports and entertainment through his YouTube channel. As a result, he was able to make two million dollars with the help of the Tall Guy Car Reviews channel.

Corey Barrett was once a drug trafficker, but once he started to work on his YouTube channel, he was able to turn his life around. Not only is he now a YouTube star, but he has also become a social media star. Currently, his YouTube channel has 550,000 subscribers. In addition, his channel has been viewed almost 94.8 million times.

Corey Corey’s YouTube channel has garnered a lot of attention, and he is one of the richest car enthusiasts on the Internet. His salary is mostly from his YouTube channel. Besides his YouTube channel, he has his own website where he sells merchandise. Furthermore, he makes millions of dollars through his blog.

Corey Barrett is now married and has a son, whose name is Noah. Currently, he lives with his wife in Minnesota. Though he is a successful YouTube star, he is also a father and wants to help other kids achieve their dreams.