TekDry Net Worth 2021

TekDry is a mobile device repair service. It works on cameras, phones and tablets. The company uses low pressure and regulated heat to dry devices. Its services include dry out services, as well as the restoration of deleted data and the recovery of liquid from electronic equipment. Customers can use Visa or MasterCard to pay for the services.

TekDry began in 2014 with a $2.3 million seed round. It has since expanded into more stores, including Staples. As of October 2016, TekDry had more than 80 units in the stores. TekDry also has a mail in device drying service.

After appearing on Shark Tank, TekDry had plans to expand into more stores, as well as expand its merchandise sales. So far, TekDry is available in 82 stores, with an estimated total of 600 shops by the end of 2021. Merchandise sales have topped $650,000. Currently, customers pay $69 to have their devices dried out. In addition, the company offers a $70 service for devices that aren’t fixed or defective.

TekDry was founded by Adam Cookson and Craig Beinecke. TekDry has a patented technology that works on devices, including smartphones and tablets. They are able to remove up to 100 percent of moisture from wet devices, and restore them to a usable condition. TekDry also uses a chamber that transforms the liquid into gas. This process takes less than 30 minutes and is a convenient way to dry out a wet phone or device. TekDry uses metallic beads to surround the items with soft heat.

TekDry is a service-based business that generates more than $2 million in annual revenue. However, the company faces significant coverage gaps in its service areas. Some of its primary competitors are DryBox, Redux, Inc. and Mobile Klinik. TekDry has a website that details its return policy. Users can contact TekDry at [email protected] or through its Facebook page. TekDry accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

TekDry’s founders have a net worth of seven million dollars. The company has been expanding steadily, and is on track to make more than 600,000 in 2016. Although the company is profitable, it has faced criticism from multiple sharks. TekDry has declined to take offers from Robert Herjavec and Steven Sashen. Other sharks offered to buy the company outright for a large sum of money, but TekDry declined those offers.

TekDry recently made a deal with Staples. The deal will allow TekDry to expand into more stores. TekDry will install a machine at the 600 locations. TekDry will receive 60% of the store’s revenue, while Staples will keep 40%. During its appearance on Shark Tank, TekDry was valued at $10 million. If the deal goes through, the company will have an annual revenue of $1 million, which is a big jump from its current annual revenue of $29,000.

TekDry is a mail in device drying service that offers a fast, reliable way to fix wet phones and gadgets. It’s a growing business that’s likely to remain in business for a long time.