Tenikle Net Worth 2022

Tenikle is an innovative company that manufactures flexible three-legged tripods with suction cups. The company’s products have become a huge success. They are sold both online and in retail stores. Their products are available for around $40 each. It was founded by Californian creative genius Hans Dose. In fact, he was a former fashion show intern for Hurley. He came up with the idea while on a trip with his wife. However, he forgot to bring his tripod when they went trekking.

As a result, he found himself unable to take photos and navigate home. At that time, he thought of merging all tech essentials into one device. After experimenting with different products, he finally found a solution that worked.

Since then, Tenikle has skyrocketed to become an incredibly successful company. Their products are secure and affordable, and they offer customers what they need. Currently, Tenikle has an inventory of $111,000. That means they are currently worth $1.3 million, with an estimated sale of $2 million in the next year. And their products are also being sold wholesale to a variety of retail stores.

When they first pitched their product to Shark Tank, they had just $37 in their bank account. But in four months, they had sold $375,000 in units. Not bad for an invention that was originally funded through an Indiegogo campaign. So, they were ready to grow the business. Fortunately, they were able to find an angel investor.

Daymond John, who was one of the owners of Shark Tank, agreed to invest $200k in Tenikle. In return, he would give them 30% equity in the company. Luckily for them, he offered the best deal.

Earlier this month, Tenikle had a big sale. For one of their products, the Protable Suction Cups Tripod, they sold 3.6 ratings on Amazon. Meanwhile, the Tenikle 360deg Universal Mount Light is priced at $80 and is being sold to retail stores. These sales are all part of a strategic partnership with Litezall.

Despite the success of their products, Tenikle is still in debt. The company has had a few production problems and has run into some shipping problems. They are hoping to get a new house. While they still have over $2 million in lifetime sales, they are looking to make a few more investments to help the company reach its full potential.

Although they have a lot of work ahead of them, they are ready to take the company to the next level. Tenikle will be appearing on Shark Tank on Friday, December 17. You can follow them on Instagram, where they have over 15k followers. Once the show airs, you can expect their social media to increase.

Overall, Tenikle is a solid company that is ready to grow. Hopefully, they can find a new partner to work with. Until then, they are focused on building the business and getting their products out to their consumers. If they can do that, Tenikle will be a successful company for years to come.