The Detail Geek Net Worth

As far as YouTube channels go, The Detail Geek’s is no exception. This Canadian YouTuber has over 3 million subscribers and has uploaded over 181 videos to date. He has amassed a sizable fanbase in other social media spheres. One of his more notable accomplishments is his most recent video highlighting factories and the wonders of mass production. His channel is an excellent source of automotive related information for novices to experts alike. In short, he’s a YouTube guru.

There’s no question that The Detail Geek has earned his keep. His subscribers are the size of Houston, Texas, and he has the budget to prove it. On top of his YouTube channels, he also posts his videos on other social networking platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Some of his more popular uploads are in the car care, car repair, and detailing genre. He has a few other revenue sources as well. A brief look at the channel’s most recent entries will reveal that he’s not only a skilled videographer, but a good writer as well.

For starters, he’s a self-described detail nerd, and his YouTube channel is a good place to find a wealth of automotive knowledge. From his vlogs to his videos of new and pre-owned cars, he’s got everything from old-school auto-shop visits to factory tours and the newest model release. And the best part is, he’s not afraid to share his knowledge. Not to mention, he’s not afraid to show off his work. To date, he’s received over a dozen awards and accolades, ranging from a top ten overall to the number one car care YouTuber on the planet.

The big daddy of all, the detail genie, is one of the most awe-inspiring and downright impressive people he’s had the pleasure of working with. Not only does he wrangle some of the nicest vehicles on the road, he has also been known to help those in need, or at least point them in the right direction. He also has his own line of aftermarket accessories, including a complete car care kit, as well as a handy mobile app. After a few years of making videos and sharing his wares, it’s safe to say he’s got the makings of a successful business. Hopefully, he can continue his winning ways.

While not as flashy as some of the others on the list, The Detail Geek has a knack for making the right moves at the right time. He’s a pro when it comes to generating revenue, and he’s made his own luck. In a recent interview with the Toronto Star, he outlined his approach to building a loyal fanbase, as well as the pitfalls he’s avoided along the way.