The Dug Infinite Net Worth

There’s no question that Kanye West is the king of the hill, but he’s not the only crowned king of the hip hop world. For starters, there are a ton of other rap superstars out there including Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, and Kanye’s own cousins, Billie Eilish and Drake. Obviously, a big wig like Kanye would be swooped up by a major label, but the competition is stiff enough for most musicians to find their niche. And thanks to a slew of YouTube channels, a plethora of aspiring rappers have found a voice. Luckily, this rap renaissance has a hefty affluent benefactor. But it’s not all good news, as some of the biggest stars in the game have a dark side to their names.

It’s also not a bad thing to have a wacky rap star flittering around your house, but that’s not to say that all hunky dory rappers are created equal. As such, you’ll find a fair number of mediocre performers churning out cheesy tracks. In addition, many of them are trying to cash in on the industry’s newest crop of neophytes, and they’re not without a few notable exceptions. Thus, it’s important to be on guard when it comes to snagging a slice of the pie. This is especially true in the face of a new slew of neophytes vying for the throne.