The EVP and LuminAID Make Their Shark Tank Net Worth

The Shark Tank has been a boon to the entrepreneurial spirit, and one product that stands out is the EVP. The EVP is a car cover designed to protect your vehicle from the worst of nature. It keeps your ride dry and safe from the rain, sun, snow, and even flooding.

The EVP isn’t the only car product to make an appearance on Shark Tank. Other notable mentions include the Ring and the LuminAID. While the EVP is a practical piece of kit, the LuminAID is a bit more elusive. However, this product was developed by architecture students following a rogue wave in Haiti that killed more than a dozen people. Using this new technology, a small team of architects developed a light-weight, battery-operated, portable flashlight that provides 360 degree lighting and works indoors and outdoors.

For a start, the EVP has been in operation since May, 2011. It’s been around for two years, and it is still selling. Despite this, the EVP hasn’t updated its social media pages or its website in quite some time. This isn’t exactly a knock on the company, but it does suggest that it may be in the doldrums.

Despite the fact that the EVP isn’t exactly a winner in the sales department, the team behind the EVP has been successful in getting its name in lights. Matthew Harris and Kenny Lerner are the minds behind the EVP, and they have been able to secure a number of patents and distribution agreements. They’re hoping to be able to turn their burgeoning business into a real life billion dollar enterprise. Fortunately, they’ve got a few years to go before they reach their goal.

In addition to the EVP, the team has a few other products in the works. In the last few months, they’ve added a new product that’s in the biz model list of things to come.

The LuminAID isn’t a newcomer, having been developed by architecture students following the 2010 Haiti earthquake. This product is a light-weight, battery-operated, waterproof flashlight that provides 360 degree lighting and works indoors or outdoors. Compared to the EVP, this is a bit more difficult to develop and sell, but the LuminAID is likely to be one of the hottest new products on the market. Although it’s not a gimmick, it’s not a bad product to have.

The most obvious question is if you should buy an EVP or not. The EVP isn’t cheap. Despite the competition, Matthew and Kenny have made it clear that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make their product a success. Having a solid business plan and a decent marketing budget will help the EVP get off the ground. If you’re considering investing in the EVP, you might want to take the time to read up on the product before you decide. After all, you’ll be spending some of your hard earned cash on this little gadget. You never know when it might save you from a potentially deadly situation.