The Hoof GP Net Worth

The Hoof GP may be a relative of the hoof-head, but he is by no means an ignoramus. He has racked up over 750 million views, and his videos are the best thing to come out of the UK’s cattle industry. His YouTube channel is a hit among cowboys and cowgirls alike, and his brand has earned him a hefty chunk of change in the process.

The Hoof GP’s top-secret formula is a well-oiled machine that earns the lion’s share of his paycheck by selling a product called the “Have a Nice Day,” which has sold more than 30,000 copies in the US. On the flip side, he makes his dough by taking advantage of the internet’s many advertising opportunities, and earning a commission when users purchase a Hoof GP branded shirt. It’s a well-thought-out scheme, and the rewards have paid off.

For starters, the Hoof GP has been making videos since he was a kid. When he was in middle school, he started his own video blog, and then graduated to taking videos of his own work. In his late teens, he began to make a name for himself with his wacky and zany YouTube series. By his early thirties, he had amassed over 500,000 subscribers and a cult following. Today, he’s a full-time hoof trimmer, and he’s got the chops to prove it.

For good measure, the Hoof GP has been able to make a sizable profit from his social media presence, which includes a Twitter account and a Facebook page. While his videos are free to watch, he charges sponsors a nominal sum to run a campaign, and makes money in other ways, like product sponsorships and affiliate marketing. To date, he’s made more than $133,000 in gross income, and his YouTube channel is currently home to over a million views.

Although he doesn’t reveal much about his personal life, the Hoof GP is a well-spoken, likable fellow. He’s married and has no kids. However, his family and friends have taken notice of his burgeoning fame, and have helped to make him a recognizable name in the cattle industry. A big thanks to his devoted fans and followers, and to his sassy wife, he’s one of the more popular beef jerkers around. That, and the many hours spent on his videos, should tell you that he’s more than just a video geek. If you’re interested in hoof trimming, you’ll want to watch his videos.