The House of Montcada Net Worth

The House of Montcada has been around since medieval times. They have taken pride in their well-maintained fortress in Sicily. A sprinkling of the clan also found a niche in the sporting world. Notable members include the likes of the Spanish soccer legends Javier Bardem, David Beckham, Fernando Sanchez and Juan Mata.

Aside from their sporting prowess, the house of moncada has also racked up a number of notable offspring. Two notable exceptions are the aforementioned Mata and the more genteel but no less noble Santiago, who tees up for his alma mater the Madrid Football Club. Considering the house of Montcada has its roots in Spain, Italy and Sicily, it is no wonder that they have a well-earned clout on the international stage. With the family name emblazoned on their business cards and the occasional outing in the Champions League, it is easy to see why they have been on the radar for the better part of a century. Indeed, they are so aristocratic that even Queen Elisenda of the Crown of Aragon was an ardent admirer. The House of Montcada is also one of the last remaining pillars of medieval society and as such is a great source of entertainment for a lucky few.