The Late Dan McCollister Net Worth

The late Dan McCollister was a man of many hats. He was a successful entrepreneur, a family man and a pop culture enthusiast. In his early twenties, he took over the family transportation business and became an expert in the field. During this time, he developed a well-executed business plan, a sound work ethic, and a keen sense of philanthropy. Notably, McCollister has not only remained an employee of the company but has also held several high-profile corporate titles. One of these was that of a director of a real estate investment fund. Despite a busy schedule, McCollister maintained a high level of attention to detail.

Although Daniel McCollister had no real formal education, he was able to amass a modest net worth in his lifetime. This includes not only his remuneration, but his plethora of awards and honors. His contributions to the transportation industry include his innovations in technology and a dedication to excellence that has led to the creation of some of the nation’s most respected transportation companies. Some of his most memorable contributions include the patented and patentable patented Smart-Box system, which was subsequently acquired by UPS. It should come as no surprise that the company has won several awards, including the prestigious American Movers Association’s (A.M.A.) “Lexus Award” and “National Business Awards” in the Transport category. Other accolades include recognition for being named the nation’s premier transportation company and one of the best in the country, by the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Despite his numerous achievements, the late Daniel McCollister is best remembered as a fun loving, energetic and lovable family man. In fact, he loved his job so much that he would make himself available to his friends and family on weekends, holidays and the like. Besides his work, he was also known for his love of golf and philanthropy. Among his philanthropic ventures was the establishment of a philanthropic foundation, the McCollister Foundation.