The Net Worth of Brad Pitt and His Wife Angelina

The net worth of celebrity actor Brad Pitt is hard to beat. His impressive list of film credits includes the likes of Seven, Fight Club, and Inglomorous Basterds. He has also starred in some notable television shows such as Law and Order and The Good Wife. With a hefty budget, it’s no surprise that he has been able to amass a svelte sum. However, the lion’s share of his wealth is in the form of a winery he and his wife Angelina own.

As for the wine itself, he has invested heavily in growing its brand. Aside from the usual suspects, he has also put in an effort to diversify its production portfolio. One of his most lucrative partnerships is with Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler. Another major win came in the form of an Oscar for his role in 12 Years a Slave. Not only is he the best looking man in the movie, he is also a remarkably good sport.

It’s no wonder then that he has earned the nickname Big Lex. Despite his philandering ways, he remains a good person to know, and a well-mannered spouse to boot. On top of that, he has been generous with his finances, donating some $10 million to various causes. Having a spouse who does so is no small feat in any relationship.

As for his home in Louisiana, it sported an asking price of $3.5 million, but after the couple split, he and Angelina sold it for the big bucks. Interestingly enough, the home remained uninhabited for a little over a decade. When he was ready for a change of scenery, the duo relocated to Eugene, Oregon.