The Net Worth of Frank Converse

The net worth of Frank Converse is estimated at around one million dollars. Frank was born on May 22nd, 1938 in Saint Louis, Missouri. He is also a member of the Gemini astrology sign. Besides acting, he has a few other hats to his name. A former stage performer, Converse graduated from the Carnegie Institute of Technology (now known as the Carnegie Mellon University), where he studied drama.

As for the rest of his life, Frank has been married three times, and has two children from his first marriage. Currently, he is married to actress Maureen Anderman. However, he formerly married actress Astrid Ronning. During their heyday, they made a handful of appearances in Hollywood, most notably in the television series N.Y.P.D. and One Life to Live. Despite their brief association, they still remain friends to this day.

Frank has also done several movies, including Dolphin Cove and The House of Blue Leaves. Some of his starring roles include playing a police detective on the TV series N.Y.P.D., as well as a father on the movie version of The Family Tree. Those are all cool enough, but he has also starred in some less conventional movies, including the aforementioned tales of the unexpected. For the record, he also appeared in the TV series South Pacific in 2000.

As far as movies go, Frank has played the title role in several small-scale dramas. In fact, his career started when he was only twenty-eight years old. Over the course of the next two decades, he starred in a variety of different projects, from short films to feature-length films. While his star power was minimal at first, it was sparked by the popularity of his first feature-length film, The Family Tree. Fortunately, the success of his first effort paid off, as he followed up with a number of highly regarded performances in the coming years.

As an actor, Frank starred in three notably entertaining movies. He also had a prominent role in the short-lived mystery series Coronet Blue. Another notable mention goes to the aforementioned “One Life to Live,” where he portrayed the ersatz Harry O’Neill. Lastly, he was one of the stars of the aforementioned “Movin’ On,” where he starred alongside Claude Akins and a young Robert Hooks. This lasted just long enough to earn him a nomination for an Academy Award for his performance.

Among other honors, Frank was named the best actor of the year by the Screen Actors Guild in 2006. Throughout his career, he has garnered numerous awards, including the Golden Globe, the Emmy and the Peabody award. Considering his accomplishments and stellar performance in a wide array of productions, it’s no wonder that he has earned a well-deserved reputation as a dependable all-around character actor. Though he was never the most magnetic actor in the room, he managed to earn a place in the hearts of his fans. Moreover, the man was handsome, a trait that helped him attract some of the industry’s most recognizable names.