The Net Worth of Mr WhostheBoss

The net worth of Mrwhosetheboss is quite impressive. He is a celebrity YouTuber and has a large social media following. In fact, he is one of the largest tech YouTubers in the UK. His channel has over six million views. It is estimated that his net worth is at least $7.3 million.

Arun Rupesh Maini was born in the United Kingdom on October 24, 1995. He is from a family of Indian descent. His parents are Malti and Dinesh Maini. During his childhood, Mrwhosetheboss loved playing chess. But he was also often picked on. When he was fourteen, he got his first phone. Since then, he has had an interest in technology.

At age 25, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Throughout his studies, he received very good grades. After graduation, he started his own YouTube channel. In the course of the year, he gained over 100K subscribers. Although he never married, he has had a few relationships. However, he has not shared much about his personal life.

Mrwhosetheboss has a YouTube channel where he reviews different technological products. The main source of his income comes from advertisements and brand promotions. As of the time of this writing, he has 9.07 million subscribers. He has a huge following on Instagram as well. With over one million followers, he also has a lot of fans on Twitter.

Having launched his YouTube channel in April 2011, he has been posting videos about phones, computers, and other electronics. His channel has been featured in magazines, newspapers, and radio programs. Currently, he is based in Nottingham, England.

Arun is a British-Indian YouTuber. As of the time of this writing, his channel has over 656 million views. This makes him one of the most famous tech YouTubers in the UK. In addition, he is a recipient of the Tech Channel of the Year award.

Despite his popularity on YouTube, he maintains a very private persona. He identifies as a South-Asian and Hindu-Muslim. However, he has a very strong physique. He weighs around 60 kg. He has a lot of tools that he uses for his job, including a 4K camera.

One of the most notable features of his personal life is his relationship with his girlfriend. According to a post by the star on Instagram, he is in a romantic relationship with a woman who he has not publicly revealed her name. She was wearing a red spaghetti dress and a light colored watch.

Despite his private life, Mrwhosetheboss maintains a healthy body weight. He eats a healthy diet and is physically fit. Also, he has bruised eyes and short black hair. Moreover, he is said to be very shy.

Besides his career as a YouTuber, he is an economist student at the University of Warwick. He has won the Technology category of the 2021 Streamy Awards. Additionally, he has signed a talent management company called Night Media. Until now, he has never disclosed his sponsorships or endorsements.