The Net Worth of Perry Stone

Perry Stone has made his fortune through his many ministries, including Voice of Evangelism, Church on the Living Edge, and the International School of the Word. He’s also the founder of a booming YouTube channel. The videos he uploads have accumulated an estimated worth of $691,237 as of 2022.

The YouTube channel of Perry Stone has gained more than 2.50 million views per month. His total number of subscribers is 701,000. It’s one of the most popular and most lucrative social media accounts in the world, earning an estimated $832 per month. In fact, it’s worth more than the net worth of most companies.

Perry Stone is an American Christian author, pastor, radio host, and television personality. His eponymous ministry reaches people across the globe with the Gospel of Christ.

Although the oh-so-famous “Bishop in the World” isn’t a true fact, Stone has a pretty good grasp on how to make the world a better place. He’s spoken at camps and conferences throughout his career. And, he’s authored over 40 books.

Some of his more interesting claims include that he’s received 64,000 emails about the 2016 presidential election. He also believes there’s a deep state of globalists. That said, he has also been accused of sexual misconduct. While he’s never been charged in a court of law, he’s had to re-think his position on these matters after it was reported that he’s received a string of letters from women who were connected to his ministries.

There aren’t any official reports about the exact amount of money that Stone earns. However, he’s earned between $3 million and $5 million in his career. Aside from his income from his ministry, he’s also a self-described “shock jockey” who’s spent millions on his YouTube channel and other social media accounts.

In addition to his YouTube channel, he’s also produced hundreds of videos and audio teaching album series. One of his most famous works, Manna-Fest, has been broadcast internationally since 2000. At the height of the show’s popularity, he could attract up to 5000 attendees at a time.

As a result, his ministry has paid TBN $4 million a year for airtime. His ministry has a very active presence on social media, including a Twitter account that is populated by over 500,000 followers.

His ministry is based in Cleveland, Tennessee. He has two children, Jonathan and Amanda, and a wife, Pamela. They’ve been married since 1982, when they were both still teenagers. Since then, they’ve built a family and a successful business.

While his YouTube channel is the main driver of his net worth, his other sources of revenue are his publications and his role as a television and radio host. This combined with his popularity has made his estimated earnings worth a tidy sum. Considering his success, it’s no wonder he’s on a list of the most famous celebrity cashouts of all time.

With his passion for reaching lost people, he’s done more than any other celebrity to improve his own status in society.