The Net Worth of Yosef Hendler

The net worth of Yosef Hendler is estimated to be at around $2 million as CEO of Logical Buildings, a company specializing in innovative building services and products. He is also known as the father of Julia Haart, the star of the Netflix documentary series My Unorthodox Life.

Hendler was born on the twentieth April 1966 to parents Leo and Reggie Handler, who are both rooted in the Jewish community in Florida. They lived in Boynton Beach, Florida. Hendler went to a local Palm Beach County school. In his early twenties, Hendler had accumulated $3 million.

During his years in college, he studied at Yeshiva University. Hendler married Julia Haart and they became parents of four children. One of them is Batsheva. Another is Miriam. Both of them are also in the fashion industry. Most of them live in the Hamptons.

While Hendler is not as well-known as Julia, he has won hearts for his willingness to be understanding to his children. However, he has never made a public statement on his career. Although he appeared on the Netflix show My Unorthodox life, he has not yet talked to the media about his work.

The relationship between Yosef and Julia has been good and they are still friends. They are also co-parenting four children. Their children are Aron, Batsheva, Schlomo and Miriam. It is unclear whether or not they are engaged. But they plan to get married soon. Until then, they are balancing time between their home in Monsey and their mother’s home in Tribeca.

Hendler was born to a strictly Jewish family. He grew up in the Heredi Orthodox Community. His father was a well-known writer and poet. His mother was a fashion designer. Her family was also well-known in the Jewish community. She was known for being outspoken about traditional Jewish life.

Hendler’s wife is also a fashion designer and entrepreneur. Previously, she was the creative director of Elite World Group’s first fashion line. After leaving Elite World Group, she started her own shoe brand and subsequently shifted to becoming the CEO of the company. As a result, she had an income of around $400,000 a month.

Hendler and Julia are both rich and successful. Their relationship has been reported to be very close. Despite the recent divorce, they still remain friendly. Many of the images of their wedding are available online. They even have a TikTok account. A daughter of Hendler’s recently wrote on the TikTok account about her engagement.

Yosef Hendler is a very progressive person. Though he is not as well-known as Julia, his career is centered on the Haredi Orthodox community. Hendler and Julia have been married for more than twenty-three years. Now that he is a parent himself, they are very active on social media. At present, he is not a part of their children’s Instagram accounts.

Yosef Hendler’s daughter, Batsheva, is a popular social media influencer. She has a total of 5,900 followers on Instagram. Currently, she is trying to change her last name to Haart, which she considers to be more feminine. Earlier, she had declared that she was bisexual.