The NoPhone Net Worth

NoPhone is a phone shaped piece of plastic that does not come with a working screen, camera or battery. You can purchase the company’s newest model, the NoPhone Air for a mere $5 on their website. Among their perks are an employee gift bundle and a family plan. They also claim to be the world’s largest fake phone company.

Despite the fact that they are not the first to market with this concept, they do have a few competitors. One of their top rivals is Vogue Magazine. Another is Jimmy Kimmel. The aforementioned sharks have walked the talk, albeit with varying degrees of success. However, a recent Forbes article has deemed NoPhone to be the true “fake” of the bunch.

The company has not been very forthcoming with their financial details, but they have a well-designed website and the social media savvy to boot. A recent Kickstarter campaign for the company netted them more than $20,000, not bad for a gimmick whose primary function is to be an attention grabbing gimmick. In addition, the NoPhone is now available on Amazon Prime, enabling customers to purchase the t-shirt if that’s their thing.

The company’s most successful product has been the aforementioned NoPhone Air. The company has since expanded its product line, including the NoPhone Lite, which is a phone sized version of the aforementioned NoPhone Air. This phone carries the name of the aforementioned NoPhone Lite, but is actually the aforementioned NoPhone Air with a few notable design modifications.

There are several other lesser known companies that sell the same product. As such, the NoPhone Lite is an interesting proposition. While the aforementioned gimmick is a novelty, it is also a viable solution to the smartphone addiction epidemic. Although no one knows if the company’s business model is truly sustainable, it appears that the business is growing organically. At this stage in the game, the most profitable NoPhone Lite is a mere $15, which is not a lot, especially when compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars that the competition is raking in. Thus, the question remains as to whether or not NoPhone is worthy of its $15 million price tag, but for now, the aforementioned gimmick has won the day.