The Story of Zanziman, a 21 Year Old Microcephaly Kid From Rwanda

The life of a 21 year old African with microcephaly is a tale of perseverance and determination. He has been nicknamed the real life Mowgli. After escaping a life of cruelty, he is now living a normal life in Rwanda, where he is cared for by his family and well-wishers. This young man is now attending school and wearing the right kind of suit.

One of the first things people have to learn about Zanziman is that he was born with a microcephaly, a condition that has a smaller head than the average human. When he was an infant, his father passed away, and his mother was left struggling to make ends meet. She was desperate to have a child and asked God for a child. It would have been a miracle if he had been conceived. However, this did not stop the good folks of Gisenyi, Rwanda from giving this little monkey a hand.

Not only did Zanziman have the misfortune of having a minuscule head, but he was also unable to attend normal school, which was an obstacle in itself. Afrimax TV, a local Rwandan TV station, decided to put a halt to his plight by setting up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for a special needs education for this young boy. Well-wishers around the world were quick to jump on the bandwagon, raising a healthy sum in the process.

While the video isn’t exactly the most entertaining TED talk you’ve ever seen, the experience will enlighten you to the many pitfalls of life in the jungle. From being bullied in the classroom to being called names, the experience has been tough on Zanziman and his mom, who is now unemployed.

As for the aforementioned tidbit, the one-handed rudimentary of the aforementioned has actually been done by Zanziman’s mother, and it’s not a trippy stunt. During a recent trip to Gisenyi, she shared her story with a regional television channel. On the positive side, her tale has spawned a newfound respect for her son.

Despite all the hardships that she’s endured, she still has a great sense of humor and is a wonderful mom. For example, she took Zanziman to the zoo, which isn’t something you can do every day. In fact, it’s probably more likely that he will never get to the zoo in his lifetime.

Lastly, while not the most impressive feat of the aforementioned video, the most important thing that happened to this young man is that he has been given a chance to see the world. As a result, he has seen Africa in a whole new light. And if he is able to finish his education and become an asset to the community, he will be a lucky man indeed.

Hopefully, the story of Zanziman Ellie continues to tell its tale. Although there are some kinks to iron out, the future looks bright for this little monkey. Considering his condition, it’s amazing that he even managed to make it into this jungle.