The Sy Zahedi Net Worth

The Sy Zahedi is a name you probably don’t know. He is the chief executive officer of a healthcare company called MedXM. While the company is small in size, they have big plans. They provide services for prevention and treatment of disease as well as care management for those who are already sick.

The company is headquartered in Santa Ana, California, USA. The company is actually comprised of two divisions: a health insurance company and a health information and management firm. As of December 31, 2017, the company has an estimated net worth of around $33 million. In addition to their corporate offices, the firm maintains a satellite office in Santa Monica, California.

While the company has a number of business units, their biggest hitter is mobile medical care. Mobile MedCheck sends doctors and nurses to your doorstep to diagnose and treat patients. Since they began operations in 2004, they’ve treated hundreds of thousands of patients. Their flagship product, Mobile MedCheck is the first and only mobile medical service in the country. Unlike most medical companies, they are committed to providing quality care while maximizing customer satisfaction.

Besides the aforementioned teleconference, the company also runs a number of other health and wellness businesses. These include health risk assessments, health and wellness training, and care management. Another notable feature is their mobile app, which includes a number of useful features. It also allows users to track their progress and provides an in-app shopping experience to help them make the best choices. For instance, they can search for the top-rated physicians, find out how many hospitals have a free flu shot clinic in their area, and see if a doctor is on the way.

Not to mention the health insurance and medical information and management companies, the company is also in the business of real estate, banking, and retail. SM has an approval rating of more than 70 percent, making them a sane choice for your next company shindig. With their slogan of “The People’s Company”, it’s no wonder they are so good at their jobs. This has made the company one of the top employers in the country.