Thorsten Kaye Net Worth

There is no secret to the fact that Thorsten Kaye is a talented actor and a wonderful performer. He has played a variety of memorable characters in classical theatre. But the biggest accolades came when he starred in The Silencers as Jasper. As well as a very popular actress, Kaye is also a philanthropist. His concern for animals and the environment is obvious from his social accounts.

Thorsten Kaye was born in Frankfurt, Germany. His parents, however, are not identified. When he was young, he moved to London where he stayed with his grandparents. Upon graduating from school, he received a scholarship to study in the United States. After a motorcycle accident, he changed his major to drama. It was then that he was able to begin his acting career.

Kaye has been a member of the Hilberry Repertory Theatre Company in Detroit. At age 17, he was cast in several roles onstage. In addition to acting, Kaye also dabbled in writing. In 2006, he released a collection of poetry titled “From Timber Ridge to Daymer Gardens.” Besides being published, the proceeds of the book were donated to a charity.

Since coming to the United States, Thorsten has worked in several different television series, and has starred in several films. He also plays the lead role in a psychological thriller called Occupant. The movie was released in October 2011 in the United States and Canada. On top of his acting skills, Thorsten is a true sports fan. One of his favorite teams is the Detroit Red Wings. Another is the Miami Dolphins.

Before pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, Thorsten was a professional rugby player. While he has not yet disclosed his marriage or divorce, his social media accounts indicate that he has been in a romantic relationship with Susan Haskell since 1996. Despite being a very private person, Thorsten has uploaded many images of his wife on his social media accounts.

Although Thorsten Kaye’s net worth is still unknown, it is believed that he has a total of approximately $5 million. Most of his fortune comes from his acting. However, he has also earned a modest sum of money from his work in sneakers.

Some of his other television appearances include Shark Attack 2, All My Children, and The Bold and the Beautiful. Among his film credits are Deadly Desire, The Prophet’s Game, and Occupant. Additionally, he has appeared in Smash.

According to numerous online sources, Thorsten Kaye’s net worth is estimated at between $1 and $5 million. He has a salary of $20,000. Other sources report that his income comes from his social media accounts. Currently, he has more than 51k followers on Instagram.

Thorsten has two children. His elder daughter is named McKenna. She has appeared in one short movie, Feed the Black. Her younger sister is also an actress, but she has only had a few credits. They have a black color pet dog in their home.