Tia Lupita Net Worth – How Much is Tia Lupita Worth?

Founded by Hector Saldivar, Tia Lupita Foods is a line of Mexican products that combine traditional Mexican flavors with innovative and sustainable ingredients. The brand aims to bring joy and a taste of home to people across the globe, all while honoring Hector’s mom and her legacy. Its name and likeness on the packaging are an homage to Hector’s mother, who he says used to wear a curler in her hair while cooking so she wouldn’t burn her bangs.

The company has seen significant success since its appearance on Shark Tank, entering the natural foods specialty channel, winning an Expo West virtual pitch slam and collaborating with Fenty Beauty on an upcoming lip product. However, the journey for Tia Lupita wasn’t without its challenges. Hector encountered a number of difficulties during his professional career, including being underpaid and passed over for promotions due to his accent. But with determination and the support of his wife, Hector took the risk to begin his own firm. Tia Lupita is now a tribute to his perseverance and commitment to sharing his family’s culinary tradition with the world.

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In addition to the heartwarming backstory behind their product, Hector’s passion for bringing healthy and delicious Mexican foods to American consumers shines through in his presentation to the Sharks. Hector asks the Sharks to raise their hands if they enjoy eating tacos, and all of them raise their hands except Daymond who claims he hates tacos. Hector then shares that current Mexican brands use a lot of artificial ingredients, binders and fillers, while his products start with wholesome natural ingredients such as corn and cactus.

Hector also highlights the environmental sustainability of his products, incorporating the Nopales cactus (also known as prickly pear) into many of their recipes. The cactus is native to Mexico and has been used in cooking for millennia. The business also utilizes okara, a fiber-rich portion of soybeans that is typically discarded, to create grain-free tortillas.

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After a quick exchange of offers, Kevin O’Leary agrees to invest $500k as a line of credit at 12.5% interest rate for 5% equity, which will not be diluted. Hector is confident that his products can compete with the large companies on the market, and he plans to expand into new markets while still maintaining the integrity of the Tia Lupita brand. As of 2021, Hector reported $1.5 million in sales and expects to double this figure by 2022. The company is currently available in over 5,000 stores.