Todd McKinnon Net Worth – How Much Is Todd McKinnon Worth?

Todd McKinnon is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Okta, Inc. He leads a company with a market value of over $14.6 billion. McKinnon is an American businessman and entrepreneur. A graduate of Brigham Young University, he also holds a master’s degree in computer science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

In 2009, McKinnon founded Okta with Frederic Kerrest. The two launched their company during an economic downturn. They envisioned a company that could help organizations manage access and identity. While Okta is now a top provider of identity management software, the company started out as a small startup.

As a co-founder of Okta, McKinnon has built a strong reputation among employees and industry observers. While McKinnon isn’t the most well-known entrepreneur on the planet, he has a number of interesting facts and experiences to share.

Although he has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, McKinnon has never let this hinder him from pursuing his dream. His company is now the world’s largest identity and access management company, with thousands of customers. During his eight years working for PeopleSoft, he earned a number of leadership positions. One of his responsibilities was to increase daily transactions from two million to over 150 million.

He’s also a mountain biker, a passionate advocate for equal rights, and an exercise addict. Despite his busy schedule, he enjoys a laid-back lifestyle. Whenever he has free time, he spends it reading and doing various other hobbies.

Before he founded Okta, McKinnon spent eight years in various engineering and executive roles at PeopleSoft. During that period, McKinnon’s wife Roxanne was concerned about the security of her husband’s job. So, McKinnon convinced her to allow him to start the company on the condition that he work from home one day a week.

Initially, he wanted to get the best talent to join the company. He also wanted to hire people who would be happy to work remotely. However, he also knew that he needed health care coverage for his family. Fortunately, his wife agreed to the deal. She even agreed to attend dinner with him every night.

Okta went public in 2017. This allowed McKinnon to raise money to expand the company. The company’s board has been dominated by institutional investors. Currently, the top 19 shareholders own more than half of the company. These investors include Vanguard Group, Inc., which owns 7.2% of the stock, and Pat Grady, who remains on the board.

McKinnon also contributes to a number of publications, including Forbes and Fast Company. He has also worked on projects for organizations such as Family House, which provides temporary housing to families of seriously ill children at the University of California-San Francisco Children’s Hospital.

Although McKinnon is a highly-respected CEO, his employees tend to view him less favorably. Employees who have been at Okta for less than one year report being more favorable toward him than those who have been at the company for six or more years.