Tony Button – The Busker’s Net Worth

If you’re into music, you might want to give a shout out to Tony Button. The self-proclaimed globetrotting 6 string entertainer has been making waves since the early part of the 21st century. He was the recipient of the accolade for a song named after him and he toured the country as a bare-bones street performer. Aside from his signature song, he plays guitar, a harmonica, and drums. Despite his lack of formal musical training, he churns out a steady stream of original music.

There’s no definitive answer as to how much he earns, but a quick search of his social media accounts indicates that he makes a small fortune in the form of tips and commissions. One estimate suggests that his revenue could be anywhere from $140 to $220 in the next five years. To put that in perspective, a similar estimation found in the latest Census Bureau data points the figure in the thousands. It’s clear that the guy lives by the numbers and his talents ring true in more ways than one.

Button isn’t the only jack of all trades in the street performing arts scene. You might be surprised to learn that he has a good friend in the form of a black cat. While he may not be the first to do so, he has certainly been around the longest. In fact, he has been busking for nearly two decades, with his most recent stint in the Key West, Florida hotspot of the sun. With that much time on his hands, he must have been doing something right. That’s not to mention his awe-inspiring acoustics.

While you’re at it, make sure you take a moment to check out the video from his TikTok page. In addition to being a great way to see what he is doing, it’s also a good chance to see how he performs his signature song. Besides, you might just find a new favorite acoustic artist!

One tidbit worth mentioning is that he uses a drum-kick affiliation to achieve a semblance of synchronicity. Another tidbit is that his most recent tour was a triumphant return after several years on the road.