Tony Ganios Net Worth and Assets

Tony Ganios is a famous American Actor and entertainer who is a well-known figure in the entertainment world. He has appeared in numerous movies and television shows. Aside from acting, Ganios is also a Director and a Producer. Since his debut in the film industry, he has worked on several films, TV series and a few animated movies. In the film industry, he has earned a lot of well-wishers and admirers.

Tony Ganios is a stylish and charming actor. His performance in the movie The Wanderers led him to other roles. Besides acting, he is also a student of Brazilian jiu jitsu pioneer Rorion Gracie. He is also an ancient military history expert. Despite his busy career, Ganios has been able to live a relatively private life. Nevertheless, fans always wonder about his dating and marriage status. Until now, we have not found out any information about his married life and love life.

At the age of 18, Ganios decided to enroll in the film industry. While at Sheridan Square Gym in Manhattan, he started working on a power-lifting program. However, he was forced to stop the workout program to audition for a movie by Philip Kaufman. After the audition, he received a role in the film The Wanderers.

Although he has not revealed much about his personal life, Ganios has been known to be an obedient and self-assured person. As of now, the American actor has a good amount of assets and net worth. Moreover, he has a very tall height. He stands at 6 feet 4 inches.

Besides his career in the entertainment industry, Ganios has also become an insurance agent. He is of Greek and Italian ancestry. Currently, he is living a luxurious life. His estimated net worth is approximately $1 million. On a yearly basis, his salary is estimated to be around $50,000. Besides his work as an actor, he has provided voices for a few animated YouTube shows. Moreover, he is the director and producer of the movie Porky’s Revenge.

During his acting career, Tony Ganios has appeared in the TV series like Wiseguy, Porky’s and Die Hard 2. During the first season of the series, he played the character of Mike “Mooch” Cacciatore. Similarly, he played the character of Baker in Die Hard 2. In addition, he has appeared in the feature film Daddies’ Girls. Likewise, he also played the character of Anthony “Meat” Tuperello in the movie Porky’s.

Earlier, Tony Ganios was an insurance agent in New York City. But, he eventually left the job to pursue his career in the film industry. During his time, he has not been seen with any woman in public. Hence, it is unlikely that he is dating anyone. Despite his lack of openness about his personal life, the American actor has a fan following that remains steadfast.

Besides his career in the entertainment business, Ganios is an ancient military history expert. Consequently, he has been credited with the title of Honour Lawrence.