Top 10 Richest TikTok Influencers

TikTok is a popular app that’s garnering a lot of attention. The site has become a hot commodity, so it’s no surprise that the top TikTok influencers are making some serious cash. A number of these TikTok celebs have amassed millions of followers. Below we’ve rounded up the top 10 richest TikTok influencers. Some of these are old-school celebrities, while others are newbies with a hefty budget to boot.

First, let’s start with the TikTok star that’s got the most followers. This would have to be Charli D’Amelio. Despite her popularity, she doesn’t make many of her own videos, instead choosing to partner with big name Hollywood talent agencies. She does, however, make a fair amount of money from her endorsements. That’s not to say she’s the richest TikToker out there. Her net worth is just under $15 million. But she has a huge following, with over 80 million followers.

While TikTok isn’t exactly a cult platform, it does have some famous users, such as Jaden Smith. He’s one of the most recognizable TikTokers around, with more than 72.3 million fans. And although he doesn’t actually make his own videos, he’s a big fan of the platform. His newest video has more than 4.3 million views on its first day. Not to be outdone, the Cheeky Boyos, who are known for their silly skits, have over 11 million followers.

For comparison, the top ten TikTok influencers all have a combined net worth of $28,625,600. But, that number is still dwarfed by the wealth of Zhang Yiming, who is currently the second richest person in China. Even though the 37-year-old software engineer is the richest TikToker, he’s only in the top 10 TikTok stars list. Nonetheless, he’s certainly a savvy businessman. In fact, his company, ByteDance, has offices in numerous cities, including Los Angeles, Beijing, and London.

Last, but certainly not least, is the vasilvana1 TikTok star. This Mexican-born TikToker makes vlogs about his travels, and cooks authentic Mexican food for his followers. He’s also a fan of the other vlogs on the site, and his vlogs have garnered a total of twelve million fans. Of course, he’s not the only TikToker to enjoy a hefty income from his popularity, with Poarch and Lame both enjoying their share of the limelight.