Tosin Abasi Net Worth

As a musician, Tosin Abasi has become one of the most successful guitarists in the world. The Guitarist’s net worth is estimated at $10 million. While he was originally hired as a lead guitarist for PSI, he later signed a solo deal with Prosthetic Records. He now owns his own guitar business.

Ayoyinka Oluwatosin Tosin Abasi was born in Washington D.C., USA on January 7, 1983. The musician studied at the Atlanta Institute of Music. After finishing his education, he joined Reflux. It was there that he met Misha Mansoor, who produced Animals as Leaders. Since then, Tosin has released three albums with the band. They have also been a touring band. In 2011, Tosin began his own band.

He was also a member of the supergroup Generation Axe, which included Nuno Bettencourt, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Zakk Wylde. In 2016, he performed on the Generation Axe tour.

Abasi was born in a family of Nigerian immigrants. He was influenced by the music of Allan Holdsworth and Steve Vai. His father was liberal in regards to his son’s learning the guitar. He first picked up a guitar in a friend’s house. When he reached a point where he was ready to take his career to the next level, he asked for a record deal.

Before joining Animals as Leaders, Tosin Abasi had been a member of the Silver Spring, Maryland-based metal band Reflux. He started recording an album in 2009. Soon after, Animals as Leaders became a full-fledged touring band. This was the same year that the band met with Misha Mansoor again.

Although Tosin Abasi is still very young, he has already made a name for himself as a professional guitarist. He has toured with the Born of Osiris band and has been working on his own Guitar brand. If you are interested in buying his signature pickups, you can find them on his website. Among his products are the Tosin Abasi Fishman Fluence model and the Pathos distortion pedal.

Tosin’s personal life is not well known. While he prefers to keep his affairs private, he has not been linked to any girlfriends. He has also avoided the paparazzi’s attention. Moreover, he has been very cautious about his professional career.

At present, the guitarist’s primary source of income is as a musician. However, he has also managed to build up a significant amount of money as a businessman. Besides, he has a lot of fans who are eager to purchase his guitars. Therefore, he has decided to start his own guitar company, Abasi Guitars. Despite the fact that the company is just starting, the guitar models available are similar to those of the Ibanez Abasi. These models can be ordered as a 6-string or 8-string guitar.

Currently, Abasi’s total net worth is estimated at about $1 million. But, he hasn’t updated his salary and other personal information on his website. He is said to be around the age of 38, but has yet to disclose his marital status.