Troy Dendekker Net Worth – How Much Is Troy Dendekker Worth?

Troy Dendekker was born on March 8, 1971, in Columbia, South Carolina. She was raised by her parents. Her father is an avid biker. The family lived in her hometown.

Troy has a son, Jakob James Nowell, who is the guitarist of LAW rock band. He is also a drug activist who campaigns against the use of hard drugs. Moreover, he is also involved in the online presence of his father’s band.

Although Troy is not publicly out about her personal life, she has been spotted frequently with her son, Jake, on shows. Troy is also an active user of Instagram. In fact, she shares a lot of her content on this social networking site. It is reported that her Instagram account has over seventeen thousand followers.

She is also known as the widow of Bradley Nowell. Her relationship with Bradley began in the early 1990s. During their time together, the couple began conducting qualitative research. They also teamed up with singer Courtney Love to help people break free from addiction to drugs. Their efforts helped raise $15K for MusiCares Covid Relief Fund.

After her husband’s passing, Troy started dating again. She married Kiki Holmes in 2002, a few years after her divorce from Bradley. They married in a Hawaiian-themed ceremony in Las Vegas. Since then, the couple has been enjoying the luxury of life, as a result of Bradley’s success.

As of 2018, Troy Dendekker is estimated to have a net worth of around $1 million. However, her current earnings are not revealed to the public. This is because of the privacy she keeps in her personal life. Though her husband is no longer alive, she keeps his memory alive by posting pictures on her Instagram account.

Troy Dendekker has become famous after her marriage to the musician Bradley Nowell. Sadly, the singer died of a heroin overdose. Shortly after their wedding, he began taking heroin. At that time, Troy was pregnant. She gave birth to a healthy boy in 1996.

However, she later remarried Kiki Holmes in 2002. Before the remarriage, she was in a relationship with the musician Bradley Nowell. According to the source, they started a long-term romance before their marriage.

The relationship between Troy and Bradley ended after only a week of marriage. Later, the pair had a baby together. On June 25, 1995, Troy gave birth to her son, Jakob James Nowell. But before his birth, she had to go through a pregnancy complication.

Besides her career, Troy is also an active member of Sublime’s entourage. She has toured with the band during its tours. Besides, she has worked with the head of entertainment Paul Ruffino to negotiate with the band’s record label. She has also been featured in the documentary film Sublime: Stories, Tales, Lies & Exaggerations.

Despite the sad news of her late husband, Troy is still involved with the band. Troy has made it her mission to help people who suffer from drug addiction. Along with her family, she is working to bring an end to the use of hard drugs.