Twist It Up Comb Net Worth

The Twist It Up comb is a new type of comb for twisting hair. It is made with high quality materials and uses a patent woven pattern. This comb is portable and washable, and it can twist a person’s hair easier and faster.

The Twist It Up comb is available for purchase through online retailers including Amazon. It also sells through beauty supply stores nationwide. As of this writing, the Twist It Up comb has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. There are over 830 reviews on the website. However, the Twist It Up comb is still in its early stages.

Noel Durity, the inventor of the Twist It Up comb, started his business by working as a real estate agent. He had an idea for a comb that resembled a tennis racket. In fact, he had been using a tennis racket for almost three years to twist his hair. His combs were painful, as they tugged on his hair.

Before his tenacity paid off, Durity had a problem with his manufacturer. It took six or seven tries to make the Twist It Up comb sturdy enough for production. That’s because most hair twisting products are porous sponges. When he found a comb that worked better, he decided to pursue manufacturing. He worked with a 3-D printer and a freelance illustrator to get the comb in front of customers. But he had trouble getting the comb into his local barber shop.

Once his barber suggested that he bring the product to market, Durity got to work. He went to a tradeshow, where he found a company that was able to produce the comb. At the second tradeshow, he was able to sell out his stock. Eventually, he was able to produce prototypes.

He then contacted companies like CVS and Sally Beauty to distribute his product. Mark Cuban and Daymond John had also heard of the comb, and agreed to invest $225,000 in a 25% stake in Twist It Up. During the Shark Tank episode, Durity was able to convince the sharks that he was able to make his invention a success.

When it came time to pitch the comb to the Sharks, he told them how his comb was designed for Afrocentric hair styles, and how his comb was more comfortable to use than other combs. He wanted to build a company that could reach $4 million in sales in two years.

The Twist It Up comb has been a huge hit with older people, as well as younger generations. It has a more pocket friendly size, and is made of high quality materials. It is also washable, and it is designed for women and children. And it has a patented design, so it is safe to use.

According to the company’s website, Twist It Up is the number one comb in the world. Among other online hair care retailers, Twist It Up sells to more than 100 barber shops. Additionally, it has started retailing in Canada and Guyana.