Unghetto Mathieu Net Worth

Unghetto Mathieu is a famous rapper and dancer who is also the owner of a popular YouTube channel. The young artist gained a lot of popularity as a member of Team NueEra, a dance squad. His videos on his YouTube channel have earned him a large number of subscribers. He is also well-known for his contributions to the happy trap music genre.

He started rapping when he was in fifth grade. He later went on to make his first solo songs, and released his debut track in 2017. Since then, he has released several hit singles and collaborated with various famous artists, including Lil Yachty, Eminem, and Drake.

Unghetto Mathieu was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, he was raised in Covington, Georgia. During his childhood, he had an interest in rapping, but he didn’t become serious about it until he watched Childish Gambino’s songs. This inspired him to start writing raps on his own. At age 13, he and his brother King Imprint, also known as kingrapper, began to generate content together.

In the beginning, he worked at a Dollar General store, but he had no backup plan when he decided to quit his job. Eventually, he was offered a job at a studio where he could work on music. There, he met a manager who urged him to put his music out there. After releasing his song “Let You Go,” he gathered a huge fan base and became a successful rapper.

Despite his success as a rapper, Mathieu was not satisfied with his income, so he started working as a dancer. He joined the dance crew Team NueEra, and the group expanded to include music. They appear in a variety of official music videos of rap stars. Their videos have garnered more than a million views on their YouTube channels.

Unghetto is considered to be a leader in the field of trap music. He was featured in the hit song, “Gang Up” and on the color show Colors. Among his other notable hits, the songs Let U Go and 23 have accumulated over one million plays on Spotify.

As of now, Unghetto has an estimated net worth of about $500 thousand. However, he has not revealed his exact salary. His income depends on the price of his videos, and whether it’s sponsored. Although he prefers not to reveal his personal life, he has posted a few details on his social media accounts.

His birthday is on January 20th. It is hard to determine the actual height of Unghetto, as he is about 5 feet 9 inches tall. The rapper has three siblings: Carmel, Joshua, and Gloria. Besides rapping and dancing, Unghetto has also been a part of a number of other activities. Throughout his career, he has appeared on television shows such as Yeah! and Gang Up. Known for his dance moves, Unghetto has also been seen performing on some of the most popular tracks.

He has a total of 184 million YouTube views. His videos are posted on the Music and Lifestyle categories.