Veggie Mama Net Worth – How Much Does Veggie Mama Make?

Veggie Mama is a company that produces frozen fruit-and-vegetable popsicles. These products are sweetened with agave nectar and are free from gluten, dairy, and artificial flavors. They are available at various natural food stores in the western United States. They also sell online through Instacart. Veggie Mama is located in Laguna Niguel, California. However, the company is not well known.

Veggie Mama was founded by Theresa and Robert Frejo, who struggled to feed their children healthy meals. They eventually found an answer to this problem. After developing recipes for smoothies for their children, they decided to freeze them. Their product became a success.

During the process of making the product, the Frejos made several batches of the mix and stored it in the freezer. When they went to a trade show, retailers praised their frozen pops and asked for more. The team grew sales to $300,000 in a few months. Eventually, a deal was struck with Shark Tank investors. For $75,000, Veggie Mama was granted a twenty percent equity stake in the business. This investment was used to help the company expand its distribution.

Initially, Veggie Mama sold its products exclusively through its website. As the business grew, it also opened two stores. Today, the brand is distributed to Whole Foods and Gelsons stores in the western United States. It also sells in the natural foods markets of New York, Washington DC, and California.

Veggie Mama has an active website and Twitter account, but they do not have a Facebook page. This has helped them survive in the nutritional supplements market, which is a crowded one. Moreover, Veggie Mama does not spend a lot of money on social media promotion. Rather, they ask for advice from vendors and retailers.

Currently, there are three stores operating in the United States. Two of them are located in Orange County, California. Another store is in Niagara Falls, New York. Additionally, VeggieMama pops are sold in Whole Foods Markets and Sprouts Farmers Markets in the west. The brand is also available in Gelsons stores in the east.

Veggie Mama is currently looking for ways to increase its production. The company is preparing to launch a new website. This may improve their reach, but the sharks may not approve. Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran both have invested in the company. Cuban has been on ABC’s Shark Tank since 2011, and has been a regular investor in the vegan food industry. He has also invested in BeatBox Beverages and Ten Thirty One Productions. His company is also a major investor in Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race.

Before Veggie Mama pitched to the sharks, the couple had already spent a total of $140,000 on a production facility and a small production team. Originally, the company was making energy-based popsicles. But after a few months, the pops were discontinued. Afterward, Veggie Mama released a line of vitamin and vitamin powders.

Initially, the Fraijos were hoping to get a $75,000 investment to help the company grow. During their pitch, they offered seventy-five thousand dollars for a fifteen percent share of the business.